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  1. Let's go United !

  2. How do I stop notifications goingg to my mail from the forums ive got about 35000 mail from phoenix rp from people writing stuff about rdm's etc 

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    2. Ciaran


      thank you 


    3. Lester


      y u so dumb

    4. Josh.


      He is to busy throwing petrol bombs out his window to care @Lester

  3. Ciaran

    TITAN | recruitment page [OPEN]

    @Bandit Nah fam
  4. Ciaran

    A* In Initiation Class

    This is my type of guy, +rep to the guy with the rook who killed them three guys. You my friend have balls of steel cause we all know nobody else would've fought them off we all would've put our hands up and said please don't take me moneys sir
  5. Ciaran

    About me and the server

    Well you don't because then you would get Repetitive strain injury
  6. Ciaran

    About me and the server

    I think the problem is that you play to much pc games maybe you should give it a break instead of playing for multiple hours on end
  7. Ciaran

    About me and the server

    If you need tips on how to shoot you can contact me through email !!
  8. Time Submitted: 05:29:27 PM | 11/04/18 Submitted By: Ciaran (76) In-Game Name: * BigManBaldyMc Steam / Player ID: 76561198329029693 Date of Event: 11/04/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): - Details of Event: Hacker on the server killed everyone Compensation Amount: 900 k ? Mk1 loadout Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  9. Time Submitted: 09:52:21 PM | 11/02/18 Submitted By: Ciaran (76) In-Game Name: Joey Seagul Steam / Player ID: 76561198329029693 Administrator who issued ban: Anti Hack Date of ban: 11/02/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: When I got tpd to jail, It thought I tpd and banned me What reason was given for your ban? Because im not cheating ?? Why should you be unbanned? ❤️ What platform / server were you banned on?: GTA FiveM Link to initial report (if applicable):
  10. Ciaran

    Add havoc embassy back

    Remove havoc ?
  11. Ciaran

    In a bit lads.

    Anyone wanna play some arma 3 ? with support member original
  12. Ciaran

    So long...

    cunt didn't even tag me all those times I dragged you on support patrol and I didn't even get a tag Still respect , ❤️
  13. Ciaran

    Chat Shit ABout Andyys Post

    Bananas or apples ?