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  1. yes please yea i know i just needed space quickly so i put it together fast and im big roach man. xD yea i wont thanks yeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttt nah i dont mateeeeeee
  2. done this quick was made in two days, Except one with apex
  3. They do gather intelligence you just don’t know and don’t see. HSS SERCRET service you won’t know them and what they do. And we support havoc in many ways you just won’t know them mate. Just people trying to get havoc weaker.
  4. That’s the fucking point xD your not meant to see us and yeah we provide things for civs offer them protection when the apc is being pricks to hobos who can’t defend them self
  5. Imagine judging a unit when most of you haven’t even been in it, they do a lot more than runs which we can’t do anyway we don’t run round gun fights whatever you say, it’s secret hence the name therefore you don’t see half the shit hss do and hss is needed in a rebel fraction because we can get intel on the cops and how there preforming and acting towards civs hobos, they also can gather intel for havoc without being caught or starting a gun fight. So I say keep it. Much more things you guys don’t know that they do. And ontop of that, from experience it's only ever an RDM fest with MI5 because they still don't understand that they have separate initiation from the APC
  6. my recording software fucked up every clip except the last so sorry for bad quality. recording of recording is because of this ^^^^^ big bots learn to read
  7. Yeah they are good and alot of time has been put in it
  8. the editing isn't as bad as you all make it I respect the editing and time it took. well done
  9. ayyy nixon ayyyy
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