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  1. @Mikey Munchy lets not go there smh
  2. Cat1249

    Im outa here

    go kill a medic again stinker
  3. Cat1249

    Im outa here

    rip my g kiran loved taking u hostage best staff lead xoxooxox
  4. @TeddyBear can u just close the case it doesn't warrant any punishment so im not gonna push it didnt lose anything anyway
  5. Time Submitted: 02:59:30 PM | 04/16/20 Submitted By: Cat1249 (7581) Your In-Game Name: Rupinder Who are you reporting?: Stref Time/Date of event: 16/04/2020 15:50 Rule's Broken: 1.6 combat logging Explain what happened: Bascilly took the guy hostage after he got res the medic goes and revs other guy i initiate on stref and restrain him and take him away then he proceeds to get very angry with me i take his coms then he leaves and he disputed me for "rule brake" and i go support to ask why hes left and he doesn't show up so i technically have tried to resolve it but he didn't show Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teUkjtaThPQ&feature=youtu.be Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?:
  6. Cat1249

    in a bit phx

    in a bit babe xoxo u were my fav bot
  7. learnt from me xooxoxo "I love it when they smoke me" Scottish 2020
  8. Cat1249

    Just some venting

    I think bringing back @Theodoreas com rep or possibly project lead would greatly help this community thrive in the state its currently in as theo gave the devs motivation by actually working with them to get tasks done by filtering through the bullshit. @Kevin @Zinner @Cryant @fisher @Stephen hope u guys can see from this forum post we need a change of direction from management. Cat xoxoxo
  9. how many months did this take fucking hell XOXo
  10. @Lakkois that staff disrespect? seems like it to me
  11. @Lakko excuse me sir can u please remove tst signature from profile
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