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  1. Cat1249

    Nick Coca

    f for my big man coca in a bit lad
  2. it doesn't even reach 70 players now
  3. @Jay.titan are toxic plus one xoxoxo @F L E M I N G Othank you for introducing me to big man @Lakko
  4. who are u plz answer wtf
  5. im sorry i have never meet u in my life and who are u cuz no idea
  6. honestly tempted tbh
  7. not suprised we had to merge stations in cops poeple are tired of this smh
  8. tempted mate tbh u get punished if ur active on cop
  9. today is the first time ive seen u on in 2 weeks
  10. u dont even play the server u said and i quote "this morning sandjib came on the server and Shift F7 and leaves"
  11. u call fulton out in public channels honestly smh
  12. im not talking about him
  13. what happens if we are trying to get to gang wars but one of our friend gets arrested so we gone and break him out so we can all have fun
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