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  1. Ben really isn't a Governor as he doesn't log on and this whole server is Criminals and Rebels so again won't work. How about get a Governor that logs and talks to the people like @Finchuk
  2. Is this woof woof man
  3. There you go you have been in for 3 days so you haven't seen much before that then so you can't defend your gang for things you don't know about.
  4. I just wouldn't go around saying gangs don't rp because they do you just don't see it but when the gangs see Divinity they don't RP and just shoot as you have the two twins and they're quite toxic and personally i cba listening to a bunch of kids screaming and you have a rep for just baiting cops and i have seen it that why you probs don't get an RP as civ.
  5. Where are the videos on TITAN & SC not RPing as this one video only shows the classic Arma player in a redzone and you type "We have campers" what exactly was being camped your base in the redzone? Plus cops it has always been like that and can't really change as the simple bot can join. I just don't understand you keep saying two gangs don't RP but i don't see Divinity RPing in Athira.
  6. 3 seconds later 12 of his mates sat in the houses and hills light the cops up that's what normally goes down.
  7. The video was captured in a Redzone and i think it was there base so expect silly behaviour and some insults it's normal. @WEEBS I see your gang kill cops and other gangs all the time and you probably talk shit too but when it happens back you make this post i don't really understand this whole thing.
  8. If you can't take some shit talk and ArmaDrama why are you on AltisLife it's the most aids you will find.
  9. This was in a redzone i swear it was.
  10. Don't forget hiding behind a wall while initiating.
  11. https://plays.tv/video/5cf458f284d02e00de/it-was-going-so-well-?from=user
  12. MightyKay

    Vel to Governor

    +1 who doesn't like go cart races
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