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  1. The person is the black Ifrit was me, I admit I made a few mistakes and did not purposefully mean to ram you, I tried slowing down as much as possible but unfortunately hit you a few times anyway, as you did with me aswell. I can probably speak for everyone involved, considering this was about a 8min+ chase there is obviously going to be a few mistakes here and there. After initiating 3+ times with you failing to stop you can see why we tried slowing you down. We can probably supply video of our comms as we were going through the scenario, We were constantly making sure that we were not intentionally de-sync ramming you. I apologize for what we've done.
  2. Let Nizwald decide, I don't think you are understanding anything I am saying to you.
  3. I can see it's trolling because you are not involved in the situation and you are taking my friends gear while he was in restraints, that I would class as trolling. You kept taking his gear even after he was out of restraints, no chance it is de-sync mate, I don't know what you are on about there.
  4. I'm pretty sure you can't take someones gear while they are in restraints when you are not involved in the situation, so infact I will change my opinion on that and classify it as trolling and exploiting considering the fact that you kept taking my friends gear even though he wasn't in restraints anymore, clearly shown in the video I have provided.
  5. If you are not part of the roleplay situation you can't take someones gear. end of. Thus, you started this entire situation.
  6. No need to be cocky mate, English isn't my friends first language.
  7. I didn't feel like I was in danger, I had gang members around me, I had HAVOC around me. You were pulling out a gun, how was I to know that you were going to shoot me instantly. You did not make threats on my life nor did I make threats on yours, you didn't attack me in anyway. I think I was valuing my life. If you would have told me to put my hands up, I would have done so, but when I initiated on you, you didn't have your gun fully out, You were not a threat to me. I don't get what you don't understand about that.
  8. How did I break that rule if you didn't make any demands against me?! I think you are still in breach of the 3 rules I initially stated and that's that.
  9. There was an attempt to resolve this in support. You knew you broke a rule so I don't see why you didn't come to support anyway. You didn't have the gun out fully and you were no threat to me as you didn't initiate or have any rp'd situations with me at the time. And listen, to accuse me of the 2.7 rule (value of life), you have to make demands on my life, from what I can see there were no demands or threats against my life. I was not at a clear disadvantage nor was I turned away from you. I started my taser initiation on you when you didn't have your gun ready to shoot, you didn't have it aimed at me either. You were no threat to my life. I don't think I had a low roleplay standard as you for one took my friends gear for no reason, there for you robbed him, therefore I feel I am allowed to taser initiate on you. Now with that video you can clearly here me say, 'Put your hands up or you are gunna get tased' I don't see how you can possibly think that my words were a threat to your life.
  10. You've RDM'd, You've had Low Standards of Roleplay and you've stolen stuff without being initiated nor involved with a situation. That's my final opinion. I've already said that the initiation might have been invalid, I'm not going to argue with you anymore, you know what you've done wrong, It's up to the admin who is reviewing this case now. Thank you.
  11. How is it fine to rob someone without prior initiation or role play, you didn't even restrain him. I don't see how that isn't against the rules.
  12. Firstly I did not break NVL Rule as you did not initiate on me and we were surrounded by about 5 or 6 other people. You did not have your gun out and ready to shoot and you were not a threat to me whatsoever. I'm pretty sure it is against the rules to take items from a player without having prior initiation, it would come under the 'Graverobbing' Rule I would have thought. I don't believe you RDM'ing me was an accident as you clearly heard me initiate as I was standing right next to you. There is no excuse for thinking that was a lethal initiation. I tried going to support, no admin came nor did you come, so in result of me trying, I have brought this to a player report, we will deal with this here in the player report.
  13. Okay first of all, this situation wouldn't have started in the first place if you hadn't have robbed my friends gun without being in the roleplay situation. You did not initiate nor did you rp with us. So therefore you would not have the gun in the first place. Now for the 'Low role play standard' I clearly said in the video, 'Put your hands up or be tased', Now I can see how this might have been an invalid initiation considering you were literally just pulling a gun out, but you did not have it up and ready when I initiated. I was going to try and leave it alone after that point as I realized it may have been invalid but you shot me anyway even though you knew it was unlethal, You also say that it was invalid? so how would you think it was lethal if you knew it was invalid? Do you think it is lethal or do you think it is invalid? ^^ Now for this?! You were not initiated with us nor did you even rp with us, yet you killed us both after I unlethally initiated on you. Please explain why you took my mates stuff when you weren't in the roleplay situation. I even unrestrained him and you kept taking his stuff. About the dispute, I did in fact dispute you, I was even sat in the 'join for support room' for about 1 hour after I disputed you. We can probably get an admin to have a look to see if I disputed you.
  14. Time Submitted: 08:46:43 PM | 10/02/19 Submitted By: Primal (7510) Your In-Game Name: Primal Who are you reporting?: Oh Oh Lord Time/Date of event: 19:02 2nd October Rule's Broken: RDM (1.2), Low Standard RP (2.9), Robbing without any RP (1.13?) Explain what happened: Me and my gang were having a bit of fun with tasers at a havoc checkpoint, roleplaying with the havoc members and enjoying ourselves. As a joke I used the taser on one of my gang members and restrained him, moving to the havoc checkpoint where I would later release him. As he was still restrained a player known as 'Oh Oh Lord' accessed the inventory of my gang members and took all of his gear including a gun. when we realized that my friends gear had been taken, we went up to 'Oh Oh Lord' and tried rping with him, he then began pulling out a gun which is when I would then unlethally initiate on him with my taser, out of knowhere he kills and executes me even though I did not threaten his life. He barely spoke to or even rp'd with us. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/t9OfKJ4FITw?t=99 1:39 - Where the issues begin 2:31 - My initiation followed by my death Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Player never came to support nor did a support member come to see what was going on
  15. In Game Name : Primal Age : 19 Steam ID (E.g. 76561197960287930) : 76561198084334256 How many hours do you have in Arma : About 600 hours Why would you like to join The Spartans : You guys seem cool and fun to be around with. I've only ever been in mil sims etc. so would love to try working together with some new people on this type of server. I just love communicating and working together as teams, stuff like that is always fun :D Have you got any other commitments on the server (The Police, Havoc, AMS Or No Other Commitments) : No other commitments
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