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  1. Player Report - DeFaaZex - 01/11/18

    Denied: 1. not sufficient evidence. 2. player already banned. @DeFaaZex Tho im denying this you should take this as a warning.
  2. Player Report - DeFaaZex - 01/11/18

  3. Player Report - DeFaaZex - 01/11/18

    in @DeFaaZex defence I would say that him refusing you to come into the building with his weapon drawn could count as initiation. BUT it isn't very clear as he only says "no officer, no." But it looks like he tried giving the one officer who slightly enters enough time to get out again. But I will need a 3min video.
  4. Player Report - DeFaaZex - 01/11/18

    Going to need a longer video to prove no prior initiation was active. As the shot that hit you could have been accidental as there was an armed police officer behind you Please provide a video showing 3minutes prior to the shots fired. @DeFaaZex your side of the story?
  5. Compensation Request - James - 01/07/18

    I can see the explosion but can't see him get rammed. Denied. Due to lack of evidence.
  6. Compensation Request - James - 01/07/18

    Gonna give untill later this evening.
  7. Compensation Request - Jack - 01/06/18

    I get that mate. Try setting up a recording program like shadowplay or plays.tv . Declined.
  8. Compensation Request - James - 01/07/18

    Im sorry but I will need evidence from your friends point of view to be able to do something about this.
  9. Compensation Request - Jack - 01/06/18

    I am going to need better evidence then this. It seems like you crashed and then your vehicle blew up. And if that is the case, no compensation will be given. So I will need evidence from your point of view. You have ~24 hrs to bring proper evidence.
  10. Compensation Request - dandy. - 01/05/18

    Approved and Completed
  11. Player Report - Jerkster - 01/02/18

    Player already banned ( T3 ). Player report DECLINED . But added to ban notes.
  12. Player Report - sami - 12/07/17

    Gonna give em ~24hrs to give their side of the story.
  13. Compensation Request - Dandy - 11/21/17

    Declined No evidence has been shown.
  14. Compensation Request - Alex - 11/26/17

    Ok so here is the deal. I will accept a compensation. But nowhere near the full amount you would have gotten from the truck. Reasons: 1. You were in the first stage of the run. 2. Accidents do happen on the roads of Altis A compensation of 75 000,- has been added to your bank account. ACCEPTED & ACTIONED
  15. I am going to DECLINE this. As the video has no recording of what you are actually saying @7sheep.

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