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  1. Moving Nexus gang base

    I think the nexus gang base should be moved. The position is way to good, not in terms of combat but a man in a DMT in the base can spot, Tobacco field, Tobacco Processing, Hops Processing, Oil Trader, Iron Mine, Heroin Prossesing, And every person on the main road between the 3 big cities. I would recommend maybe placing it where the capture zone just north of Black marked is, or something. maybe make a base abit out of the way of stuff. I think the base is also the reason for there being no Cigar traffic through HAVOC CP, again making it close to pointless to have people at the CP.
  2. Arma 3 Zeus Game

    +1 sounds sweet.
  3. Player Report - Ben Gold - 11/01/17

    Accepted. 7 day ban issued for VDM
  4. Player Report - huge willy - 10/26/17

    Player report ACCEPTED. 3 day ban issued.
  5. Compensation Request - Thomas White - 10/27/17

    Compensation ACCEPTED. The amount of 1 254 000,- Has been added to your account
  6. Player Report - Cimron .ahk - 10/26/17

    Player report - ACCEPTED - T3 perm ban with appeal. Recent evidence on how you act: @Cameron. your ban is for racism and trolling. Revenge report or not. This is not acceptable
  7. Player Report - Cimron .ahk - 10/26/17

    Does not change the fact that the N-word was used by a soundboard in a support room Waiting for @Rusty's input
  8. Player Report - Cimron .ahk - 10/26/17

    @Rusty I see you handeling the support case in the video. Anything to add? Also @Cameron. @ivy @Randy: How is this report a joke/meme/whatever. If a soundboard was used to say racial slur in a Support room?
  9. Player Report - huge willy - 10/26/17

    Yes. I need to see the name.
  10. Player Report - huge willy - 10/26/17

    Still dont have evidence on the player.
  11. Player Report - huge willy - 10/26/17

    I would like to see it. It's clear VDM, but I need to be 100% sure it was Huge willy
  12. Player Report - huge willy - 10/26/17

    @Klaas Batsbak Any evidence showing it was huge willy ?
  13. Ban Appeal - Dahir - 10/07/17

    Ok I went through all your dialog now since you joined the server. And by the looks of it your anger has taken over quite a few times. So i am going to decline this. I'd say try again in a few weeks if you really believe you can change that kind of behavior.
  14. Hidden Names Above Characters

    -1 How would you be able to report someone running around screaming racial slurs. Names above heads are also good for RP Being a Lt. of havoc it's hard to keep track of whos walking around, say at the CP I need an idle person to help out with civilians. How am I gonna tell "Sgt. whatshisface" from "Sgt. whatever"? and then ask the specific person to come help me? I see what you are thinking but I think the cons outweigh the pros
  15. Ban Appeal - Ace Johnsen - 10/04/17

    Expired. Moving to declined.

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