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  1. Thats me off to work again. I'll see you all again in 2 weeks. Ill stop by the forums daily. And I will try and get on TS every now and then.
  2. Wow! Great job @Kayle Ravelle
  3. +1 for SUV
  4. Running a gang with high numbers is really hard on an RP server. I have experience in it from another community think we were around 40+ members at peek. Tip I can give you is to do what you stated above that you are gonna do, Interviews where you test them on rules ( alot of different scenarios, and how they would handle it ) And also find out if they want to join the gang for frags or for RP. Enforcing this can make it alot better. Sad thing is that a few bad apples will ruin alot. Wish u the best of luck mate
  5. Clearly not bored
  6. Good thing about the ticket system is that its really easy for staff team to monitor while online, as when a ticket is given it shows in sidechat. Also think XP should only be given on a paid ticket. If I was to abuse this @Kayle Ravelle would see side chat filled up with jeffers has given a ticket to "blabla" for something small a million times and he would bring down the ban hammer on me quite quickly +1 for me
  7. Good luch with the gang Abbid
  8. Enjoy Italy mate! =)
  9. tuesday im back mate looking forward to seeing you lot again!
  10. Wow, loving this videos, sad the internet here at sea sux, so 240p for me yay
  11. Great idea! Love it. Looking forward to see all the clips.
  12. Thx Guys always fun when you stop by "Mr. Abbid" Im at work at the moment tho ( work at sea) so ull see me again around the 5th of july
  13. You underrestimate Kayle
  14. +1 for chemlights
  15. The same goes to you guys aswell You were like pokememon yesterday, evolving with bigger and bigger trucks