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  1. Jeffers

    Compensation Request - Zincc - 03/04/18

    DENIED If you store a vehicle illegal items gets removed. Also I witnessed 2 counts of RDM and broke NLR at 1:41:30 and 2:16:30. 1 week ban given. Feel free to appeal
  2. Jeffers

    Compensation Request - Pappsen - 03/04/18

    There was some trouble with the database a few days ago. Comp accepted to what you had before the roll-back. Bank set to 522848
  3. Jeffers

    Player Report - Kazz (Bazz Trick) - 02/13/18

    2.1 VDM - Vehicle Deathmatch is not permitted. VDM is using your vehicle to harm others, whether this is by running them over, ramming their vehicle and/or attempting to create chaos. Players do sometimes clip each other with vehicles. If an apology is made due to an ‘Accident’ This is not VDM. And since the apology was accepted by the people who got ran over I don't see any reason for this going further. I may also add: Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?:No But can be tricky when @Kazz has DND on. If any of the people whom got run over wishes to file a report on this matter, they can do so themselves. DENIED.
  4. Jeffers

    Free Forum Banners

    Hehe, sorry. Game admin, HAVOC colonel
  5. Jeffers

    Issue's With Havoc?

    @Nick Coca I would like to thank you for bringing this to our attention. However in the future please contact havoc command either through TS or messaging ( to prevent it from deviating off course ) I would also like you to please try and see it from a different perspectiv. situation 1: the evidence doesn't really show much. We have no idea what happend at the gate. Looks like something is happening as HAVOC members are standing in cover and running to DMT's situation 2: You come across as a "semi-trolling hobo" as you did accidentally VDM someone ( tho I do not like the way @nick batsbak approached you with this ) and you were as close to non engaging in roleplay as I see possible. I don't see anything wrong with them shooting you, but I do with the way Nick just straight up gave you a ticket. I believe you could easely have roleplayed your way out of that ticket, but you gave no effort. Situation 3: If you had been killed this would be straight RDM. Situation 4: You did VDM someone ( prob 90% his own fault. ) But this may change the mentality of the person trying to initiate. As you again look like the typical trolling hobo. In the future please, If you have problems with any member of Havoc. Please inform either myself, @Zinner or @Oden If none of us are available ask any members of HAVOC command ( warrent officer, lieutenant, captain, major, colonel or general )
  6. Jeffers

    Free Forum Banners

    @Adam I have no imagination dude! :P
  7. Jeffers

    Free Forum Banners

    Me too. Id love one
  8. Jeffers

    Compensation Request - Bill Penguino - 02/08/18

    Here are the things we do not accept as a Valid Compensation Request: Client side issues, for example game crashes or jumping out a car at high speed. User error, for example sending the wrong person money through the ATM Transfer. Arma 3 glitches out of our control. Perk Points that are reset. This is not in our control however we will work to reset them back but can not confirm they will work again. Denied.
  9. Jeffers

    Compensation Request - papa smurf - 02/09/18

  10. Jeffers

    Player Report - DeFaaZex - 01/11/18

    Denied: 1. not sufficient evidence. 2. player already banned. @DeFaaZex Tho im denying this you should take this as a warning.
  11. Jeffers

    Player Report - DeFaaZex - 01/11/18

  12. Jeffers

    Player Report - DeFaaZex - 01/11/18

    in @DeFaaZex defence I would say that him refusing you to come into the building with his weapon drawn could count as initiation. BUT it isn't very clear as he only says "no officer, no." But it looks like he tried giving the one officer who slightly enters enough time to get out again. But I will need a 3min video.
  13. Jeffers

    Player Report - DeFaaZex - 01/11/18

    Going to need a longer video to prove no prior initiation was active. As the shot that hit you could have been accidental as there was an armed police officer behind you Please provide a video showing 3minutes prior to the shots fired. @DeFaaZex your side of the story?
  14. Jeffers

    Compensation Request - James - 01/07/18

    I can see the explosion but can't see him get rammed. Denied. Due to lack of evidence.
  15. Jeffers

    Compensation Request - James - 01/07/18

    Gonna give untill later this evening.