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  1. Player Report - Pappsen - 09/17/17

    Player Report Declined For 2 reasons: 1. Not trying to resolve the matter before posting the report. 2. You are running towards a gunfight ( could be seen as not valuing your life ) 53-54 sek into the video you can hear the gunshots and see the bullets hit the rock close to @DirtyRaptoR But @DirtyRaptoR Take this as a warning. If you ever make a bad mistake like this again, contact the person as soon as possible and offer them comp or sort it out. There is quite a distance between @xCreative and the police vehicle, he looks nothing like a police officer and clearly have no weapon out. When you pull the trigger, make sure you know what you are aiming at.
  2. Player Report - [V] ALLSTARWOODY - 09/17/17

    @ALL-STAR-WOODY Did slip up abit there but recovered nicely with RP after saying your name in my opinion @BertSon-G Please don't block of the car spawn just because someone is annoyin. Next time save yourself some trouble and just drive away. Player Report Declined
  3. Lords Of Valhalla

    We will make it better The Great king Ragnar has returned!
  4. Player Report - [R] Nelson - 08/13/17

    This could all be sorted on TS. As both parties has agreed on a comp of 1.8m So lets save the staff some time. (You can message me if you want me present)
  5. Diamonds

    +1 Would also give Havoc more roleplay. More people coming through the CP
  6. Off to work.

    Thats me off to work again. I'll see you all again in 2 weeks. Ill stop by the forums daily. And I will try and get on TS every now and then.
  7. New HAVOC laws

    Wow! Great job @Kayle Ravelle
  8. Havoc cars

    +1 for SUV
  9. Altis Resistance Group Reputation...

    Running a gang with high numbers is really hard on an RP server. I have experience in it from another community think we were around 40+ members at peek. Tip I can give you is to do what you stated above that you are gonna do, Interviews where you test them on rules ( alot of different scenarios, and how they would handle it ) And also find out if they want to join the gang for frags or for RP. Enforcing this can make it alot better. Sad thing is that a few bad apples will ruin alot. Wish u the best of luck mate
  10. New HAVOC Anti-Air System

    Clearly not bored
  11. XP for cops,medics and HAVOC

    Good thing about the ticket system is that its really easy for staff team to monitor while online, as when a ticket is given it shows in sidechat. Also think XP should only be given on a paid ticket. If I was to abuse this @Kayle Ravelle would see side chat filled up with jeffers has given a ticket to "blabla" for something small a million times and he would bring down the ban hammer on me quite quickly +1 for me
  12. VANGUARDIANS recruitment

    Good luch with the gang Abbid
  13. Off to Italy

    Enjoy Italy mate! =)
  14. Role Playing Competition

    tuesday im back mate looking forward to seeing you lot again!
  15. Role Playing Competition

    Wow, loving this videos, sad the internet here at sea sux, so 240p for me yay