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    Application Format IGN: PEE7A Age/Country: 17/Sweden Bank balance: Got like 500k but I´ll make ez pz Previous gangs/Faction units: DGN, Adapt and some small temp gangs xd Hours on Arma *screenshot: https://gyazo.com/bbfc10087622f2ff23c5f4f87c180ed5 Can any members vouch for you (no trials)?: Cynical x
  2. Application Template IGN [In game Name]: PEE7A Age: 17 Steam ID: 76561198259267854 Bank Balance [Must Have Screenshot] 1m but I´´ll make some cash. Hours [Must Have Screenshot] https://gyazo.com/d318dfed3bdd1d5f07a4c9c0e056b118 Previous Gangs: DGN, Adapt & some small temp gangs. What Can You Bring To The Gang: Decent gamer and good rper 😉
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