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  1. Jambo

    HooD big ego

    @HooD chill ur ego
  2. I was involved in the situation and you didn’t attempt to take any of us to support about it, we could of agreed on a resolution
  3. so ur tazers have been nerfed ? well that nerf was pointless because its still OP
  4. Jambo

    More events

    I mean not many players are even coming on the server let alone going to a event
  5. when was a hunter going to be pulled for a gas station in the first place
  6. wait sorry what, last few months people were complaining about police and now its about havoc
  7. well its still quicker then hitting people with a mk1 3 times to kill them when they can hit you once and your a goner
  8. the page is still broken or is it just me?
  9. Jambo

    Gang Bases

    i mean its a bit hard when they alt f4 as soon as they hear you
  10. your sitting in the lobby doing nothing that's why you get kicked, you actually need to load in
  11. Jambo

    Gang Bases

    well its a KOS zone and havoc are just patrolling there lands and when ever I see someone spawn the gang base I fly over and they alt +f4 straight away
  12. i dont really see the point of it -1
  13. havoc do this just ask the people in the cp if they would be able to do it
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