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  1. Its a bit annoying it also happens in red zones, 20 people turning up to an airdrop vs 4 people. Obviously they should but it happens alot of the time and i have seen people getting destroyed because they are being lit up by 20 guns with 150 round mags
  2. pls stop the NIU zerg i would not like to be robbing gas stations and 20 cops rolling upon me because i cannot do anything. Its pretty annoying and alot of people are starting to get annoyed about it. Cops over respond to petty thing and its pretty annoying
  3. Jambo

    Ifrit doors

    -1 a 45 acp getting a 1.5 mil car
  4. clear the ban list but not the money or anything like that
  5. Item Name: Beret (Gendarmerie ) Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/712be2b001398d904327c7fa63ed1579 Minimum Bid / Starting Bid: 500k Minimum Minimum Increment: 150k End Date: 25 May 2019
  6. Not that good at all
  7. I don't message you every day or threaten to take you to police command because I have no need too. Yes you apologized but u didn't mean it in any way you just said it so you could try get out of it
  8. No that's not what happened before all of this he broke no value of life and I was just messaged him to tell him. However about 5/6 hours later after the incident at cp he told me to kill myself.
  9. And again saying that it ban hunting. telling someone to kill them self and then saying sorry is not a way to get straight out of it. and you didn't really mean the apology in any way, you were just trying to get out of the situation because you had been told by other staff members what to say. I didn't even provoke you too do that but you just randomly said it to me out of nowhere and I don't understand how u got so annoyed when I didn't even do anything
  10. Time Submitted: 10:45:06 PM | 05/16/19 Submitted By: Jambo (7365) Your In-Game Name: Jambo Who are you reporting?: Majed Time/Date of event: 16/05/2019 - 23:39 Rule's Broken: Personal attack - 1.4 Explain what happened: Majed just told me to kill myself out of no where. I did not provoke him or anything like that and then he just told me to Kill myself and that is not acceptable in any way. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/0b741526199ab76e56a9843f9ff7811d Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Odd Case ID: 15609
  11. What do you get out of capturing them because i never see anyone cap them
  12. It was not, literally just after the support case he messaged me saying this is memes. Which shows me that the warning wasnt enough and he though it was a joke. I tried to find Ace but i couldnt find him within the ts3 chans so i could message him saying its not solved
  13. Have fun and keep safe my dude
  14. Im not going to argue with you about you saying im ban hunting. I dont think anything else can be said about the support case until a staff member comes here and looks at the evidence The reason this turned into a player report is because you didnt take the situation and the rule break seriously meaning you didnt care or listen to ace Boydens warning
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