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  1. 3 ^ @KLW

    1. oweN


      no point mate servers literally dead as fuck

    2. TJ Splifta

      TJ Splifta

      @oweN Banned him on the forums

  2. pretty sad being on at that time
  3. TJ Splifta

    is this the real paddy?


    1. Paddy McCarthy

      Paddy McCarthy


    2. TJ Splifta
  4. Do you mean bases around the map that can be bought permanently, like gang wars without the bidding?
  5. TJ Splifta

    Vel Is out

    bye mr mk18 man
    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TJ Splifta
    3. Messiah


      It's almost like someone cherrypicked the worst moment in time to grab a screen of the server with 1 player on it. Weird.

    4. TJ Splifta

      TJ Splifta

      @Messiah Damn totally gonna stare at the player count

  6. I have a rly useful template, makes everything way easier when making police vehicles. Original author is Razor792 on GTA mods.
  7. step 10 - realises it was worth it as it resulted in a tactical revive of the server pepe

    1. Jamie.


      you got the whole squad sleeping

    2. TJ Splifta
  9. I can put that money to good use. step 1 - win the giveaway step 2 - sell 5 million in game pounds for 10pound step 3 - invest 10 pounds into a tactical bitcoin mining rig step 4 - harness electricity from a local electric box to use to power my bitcoin mining rig step 5 - leave it ok for around 2 years 69 days 16 hours 45 minutes and 22 seconds allowing me to of mined enough bitcoin to upgrade me I bitcoin mining rig step 6 - use my new upgraded tactical Phoenix reviving mining rig to make at lease 10000 pounds worth of bitcoin step 7 - convert bitcoin to gbp step 8 - use my 10000 pound to by grand theft ArmA, reborn and rpuk. Shutdown all of them servers forcing players to flood through the doors of PhoenixRP.
  10. TJ Splifta


    Kinda looks like a modded map
  11. You are 100% the type of guy to play chess and transfer your skills to siege
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