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  1. no he said he had a problem where every time his game crashed it reset it and that is a fix to the problem he is having🤦‍♂️
  2. Change go to documents -> arma 3 - other profiles -> open your profile folder -> open the Aynsleey%[SC1809] notepad file -> scroll up and look for adaptive cross hair -> set it to 0 -> save the changes by CTRL S -> Close the notepad file -> Right click on the notepad file -> Go to properties then check the "Read only" box. Done, when you crash it will save all your settings as to what they are on the notepad file
  3. Raven

    bye guys

    Luv u mr cramoon, come see me big man xx
  4. Thats good as it will encorouge gangs to roleplay more and run there groups more organised, Sorry @Zinner
  5. So now that we've got an epic new community relations manager @Stephen, will you be kind of adding a system like that approved gang one as we have not had any for a while?
  6. @JasperChan Crucial moment for the history of Kavala, god bless
  7. Don't get involved with bad rep gangs?
  8. Really good idea @Kevin, it will make people be careful in terms of initiation, etc... Just support will have to do an extra good job on making sure the person who is required to fault is really at fault.
  9. Raven

    Remove DMT's

    drc about them tbh
  10. @Scarso's are epic dev hours I think
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