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  1. =_Maverick_=

    SPARTAN | Recruiting

    can i have a reply on my application
  2. =_Maverick_=

    SPARTAN | Recruiting

  3. =_Maverick_=

    How to set up a Gang Badge

    can someone plz tell me how i set up a gang badge
  4. =_Maverick_=

    Eastern Arms Recruiting

    Let me show you what we have to offer A ranking system so everyone is where they are supposed to be at a certain time A reporting system so if a member has a problem with another member then they can come to a higher up and we can talk about what we will do about it And most of all we want from you is to be respectful and have some fun with us
  5. =_Maverick_=

    Eastern Arms Recruiting

    you are always welcome to join if you have the determination and I am usually on as I am the co-founder of the group so if the off is still up for anyone that wants to join our gang
  6. =_Maverick_=

    LUKER | PhoenixRP 2

    i love the music and great frag