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  1. Were back and taking applications
  2. @Cptnetee Do not put words in my mouth nor speak on my behalf.
  3. Waiting for Admin to intervene. I am not going back in fourth with you. Have a nice night.
  4. After I died after the 1st time from trying to cap the Northern cartel I went out of my head (IRL) and that took about 10 mins. Aftcominging back to my pc and I respawned and geared up and went to go take 2 other cartels while my gang were fighting at the northern cartel. Keep in mind that taking carelts takes about 12 mins each so combined its about 24 mins plus the 10 mins from me being away from the pc. I then started to head my toward the northern cartel so what was going on. I then got shot down and died. I was told that I was being reported so I head in Teamspeak and resolved the situation there. At the time I didnt know that going back to the roleplay sitation even after the NLR time was up that it was still a rule break. On the Offical Altis Life Rules, it stats " You may not return to within 1.5km of your death for at least 15 minutes." I was beyond over the 15 minutes mark when returning to the northern drug cartel. But as I am a Dedicated member of the community I do take responsibility for my actions. It won't happen again. Thank you, Val Sorry for the grammar mistakes. I just wiped it up :}
  5. @Fredakiz redo your application and put more effort if want to be accepted
  6. +1. We sat in teamspeak and we all had a civil conversation and a mutual understanding that this was honest to god mistake. You were driving a Qilin from the direction where our teammates were fighting BIA min or so earlier, which resulted in 2 of our members incapacitated, and one of them called out a Qilin. So, thinking you were part of BIA as well i assumed that you were searching the town to look for other members of our gang. When you pulled up you looked exactly like BIA was described to us. You were also called out by teammates a few seconds earlier as being part of BIA. It was a mistake and we talked about this prior to you making the report. It's a shame you're taking it further because I thought we all agreed it was a mistake. I'm sorry for what happened but these things happen all the time. It's my first rule break so far which should say something about the type of person I really am. It was a complete accident and mistake.
  7. Background Story House Targaryen was formed many years ago when they landed on the island. It was a secret organization to overpower the government and take the island as theirs. House Targaryen had many allies but it wasn't enough to overpower the government. Now, House Targaryen has an invested interest to take certain areas of the island as theirs. They hope to control the drug and weapons trafficking. House Targaryen hope to soon have the most influence with the public eye and other gangs around the island. Roster Roster House Leaders Val - 76561198278393952 Crassus - 76561198070167372 Application Template Name Age [15+] Hours on Arma III - Steam64 - Previous Experience - Why do you want to join House Targaryen? - What can you bring to House Targaryen? - Why should we accept you over others? - Can Anyone In The Gang Vouch For You? -  Do you have rebel license (If no, will you be able to get one shortly)? -
  8. Would you like to join?
  9. Time Submitted: 01:04:25 AM | 02/24/19 Submitted By: val (7236) In-Game Name: Val Steam / Player ID: 76561198278393952 Date of Event: 02/23/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): No i was just spawning in loading in and buying my gear for the 3rd time Details of Event: Well after I thought the hacker was gone for the 1st around I reload in the game and I got 400k out the bank to get my rebel gear and I fall right after buying everything. Compensation Amount: 400K Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  10. Accepted You will receive a PM on more Details Accepted You will receive a PM on more Details
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