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  1. Cummmyyy

    Rooks are OP

    Rooks are op tbh, please nerf https://gyazo.com/1197871db6a19529187b6af985e76875
  2. youre absolutely right, that is the only reason i am suggesting this. although, you are police so i wouldnt entirely expect you to agree with this. just a little way to maybe make rebel life a little less dead.
  3. i mean you could say something like "make cops need higher and higher ranks approval to scrap something as the value goes up" but not "ban combat scrapping!!" like why can a sgt decide if a 26m huron gets scrapped???? seems dumb tbh
  4. alright, great. meet you in kav square today at 5pm. seriously though, i am looking to buy cyrus ammo
  5. then make it the same as tyre initiation, so that you/your gang members can only shoot back once youve been tased
  7. Cummmyyy


    all fun and games until someone accidentally takes your advanced rebel license
  8. Cummmyyy

    Rusty Out!!

    best support member @Lil-Rusty
  9. ill trade you a jar of gamer girl pee for them
  10. Cummmyyy


    if the nearest medic is over 7.5km away, have it so people can be revived by their gang members/anyone with a cpr kit. proper shit to have it when there's only one medic on, and hes having to revive other people meaning that you bleed out because the medic is taking ages/isnt coming for you
  11. Only said this cause that admin gang had legit went around initiating on anything that moved, and had disputed us earlier for executing in a red zone??? same group also frequently break rules but whenever you dispute them you get told "make a staff feedback post, there's nothing we can do" by support. The whole spawning gear thing is because earlier on that same day we had the same admin gang roll up, one of them go behind a wall with no gear and about 30 seconds later walk out with a full loadout. I do agree that the slurs and other comments made during the video were unacceptable and inappropriate, however these comments weren't directed at anyone in particular, nor were they said in game or in any other phoenix hosted platform.
  12. links do work for me, but + just to add a little bit, while you could argue i might not have been revived we had control of the situation, with a medic about 500m away when the server died
  13. Time Submitted: 09:08:40 PM | 05/05/19 Submitted By: Cummmyyy (7220) In-Game Name: Airbus A380 Steam / Player ID: 76561198353307087 Date of Event: 05/05/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): http://prntscr.com/nksvti http://prntscr.com/nksw9m Details of Event: got incapped and about 1 min later the serve died, cant provide evidence server died around 21:50 but it defo did http://prntscr.com/nkswnd Compensation Amount: CTRG Plate Carrier Rig MK2 - 100k Wetsuit -7500 AK-12 - 350k 15X30rnd 7.62 Mag = 49k Total = £506,500 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  14. Frag , Great Pilot , Great driver , Sexy Lad literally got booted out of classified cause he was a terrible driver, dire pilot and worst fragger in the gang. forgot to mention, costed us over 2m cause he started screaming in the middle of a gunfight and destroyed any semblance of comms we had going
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