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  1. That fps tho
  2. haha thanks, im trying my best every day xD good thing I wont be here for that much longer
  3. Appreciate the tag. Stay safe buddy o7
  4. Too much fast-forwarding. questionable choice of music. I dont know how he can get those cqc kills with such horrible fps, My game ran smoother back when I used a 1050 smh. Nice frags tho but again, horrible fps
  5. Just correcting you a bit so that no one gets confused
  6. https://gyazo.com/2bdfc78fe2e29b95fd3ae3365ba27bb4 This is ur 3rd montage 😉
  7. Lakko

    DMT Vote

    Only keep em at cartels. but tbh idgaf what happens with this
  8. Lakko

    Niko #3

    That song annoys me more than this guy
  9. Lakko

    Niko #3

    What exactly was your thought process when picking that song?
  10. Well good luck finding me 😀 And we're in the same faction now meaning we're on the same team so pipe down a bit will you
  11. If you it would be such a pleasure for you to say that shit to me then hit me up on discord, feel free. But you wont because I know that you would never even say half the shit ur saying rn to anyone in vc. I mean, once I started speaking my mind to you when you was on my team you started crying about me being toxic. Make up your mind ffs
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