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  1. so V2 is coming out the same day as the Area 51 massacr.... I meant raid....

    1. ÑiḴØŠ
    2. ÑiḴØŠ


      Hopefully V2 won't have crashes I'll be a happy person if they get reduced/gone

    3. Kazik


      Same man


  2. And plus, may I just add that I only spoke out against the unit when I was asked to do it or when the subject got brought up to me. I didnt just randomly say "TST sucks" and what not in the disc or anywhere else just like that.
  3. xD. do you even know what harassing means? All I did was to call TST out on issues. I never texted individual members harassing them. However TST has done that to me on a couple occasions
  4. criticizing TST doesn't make me a problem bud
  5. Yeah man, you definitely know how to take a joke
  6. So only because I dont have any montages out yet it means that I cant have an opinion? I just started with saying "My favourite frag was the one between 1:38-1:41" if you cant even take a joke dont post any montages. you cant post something and expect everyone to say nothing but "N1". If you're going to take everything that I say so seriously then why post a montage if you cant even take a harmless joke. ' I really dont know what exactly you are trying to achieve by being toxic only because you got offended. Just dont take everything so close to heart. If you really know you're good you dont care what others say as you know it aint true. Thats all I have to say.
  7. That has nothing to do with what I wrote
  8. apparently you knew this about me
  9. Mate, literally 80% of your montage is just you killing people from deer stands and command buildings. The rest is just you killing people that has got no clue of whats going on. There are literally only 3 kills in the entire montage where the guy actually has their gun pointed at you.
  10. Yeah man, cuz killing people from deer stands takes so much skill
  11. Sorry nikos but I dont think I know da way
  12. Dont make the server more inactive than it already is. We need peeps
  13. Meh, its your time and effort so if you think its worth it then I guess 😉
  14. What I meant was that I just didnt see a point as you could just go back and watch the other montages
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