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  1. Maybe, maybe not, but also definitively. I mean, why else would your post history include a compensation request in the name of one "Mr. Happy"? Busted!!
  2. I did some master detective work and discovered that OP is in fact, Mr. Happy. He seems to have reappeared.
  3. It means that you're observant! Probably a feature that gives you a rank based on your time within the community. Maybe a part of the upcoming MyPhoenix?
  4. I'd say that the changes to the mission without a changelog gets added to the next possible changelog when a lager update is pushed. Should be pretty easy to make a complete changelog detailing the lager changes and the smaller changes (preferably marked with a date of implementation) without being a bother.
  5. Someone loves to play the victim here, I see.
  6. I have a full rep score and I play most every day. This would not be an issue if people prioritzed being cautious above getting the upper hand in a situation. Yeah, I sometimes loose the advantage in a situation as I tend to be a cautious guy when it comes to the rules. But then again, I have been here for a year without being disputed for any wrongdoing. The system benefits those who follow the rules of PhoenixRP.
  7. Messiah


    I saw someone with that gang name yesterday.
  8. dude, your graphics are broken.
  9. Move this to memes.
  10. Messiah

    havoc quillin

    +1. It should be worth something to steal a faction vehicle. Besides, it might make us better at impounding our shit, which quite frankly we desperately need.
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