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  1. I can guarantee you it would have been dead long ago if nobody was developing the server.
  2. Honestly I would be too if I kept getting shit for devoting my free time to developing this server.
  3. Messiah

    Top Right Gang Base

    My gang is called One Man Gang for a reason. It worked this morning, so no harm done. Probably just needer a restart. Feel free to close this
  4. I won the top right gang base last night, and I can't interact with any of the tablets. I got the notification that I won it when I logged in, but I have no gang base spawn and I can't access anything.
  5. Steam accounts need to be at least 30 days to play on the server.
  6. Given the announcement that he is resigning I believe we need to thank him for his effort as the community representative of PhoenixRP. @Theodore has done an outstanding job in a very short amount of time. He has always been there for even the smallest questions I have, and he always seems eager to solve any issue, no matter the size. It is with great sadness that we must now say goodbye to our glorified support and wish him the best this fall at university. It's been a pleasure, and I hope to see you back soon 😃
  7. If this video was methamphetamine, not even the junkies in Breaking Bad would touch it. 🥴
  8. Make sure you make a public statement about hating Havoc. That stuff keeps you in office 🤙
  9. I watched the video expecting a montage, some rp, or even some comedy seeing as where this is posted. I got hardbass.. 👀
  10. The supreme court will stop at nothing to further the twisted agenda of the corrupt police force on this island. Justice for Paddy and equality in our nations courts should be our sole objectives to achieve!
  11. I'm not that worried seeing as you don't have access to the beta test.
  12. So what you're saying is that you have no idea what you are talking about? 😂
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