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  1. Messiah


    This is also true for civilians. You also are not obligated to take 20 redgulls and 5 spikestrips everytime you go on patrol.
  2. Messiah


    As a civilian you get a huge bill for buying gear. As a Sgt you get it for free. It's all about the point of view.
  3. Messiah

    Approval on Videos and screenshots

    Ban fragmontages and problem solved!
  4. Messiah

    End of my term

    You were going to be our puppet πŸ’”
  5. Messiah


    I'm prestige four and I don't regret anything. But there should be more value in the perks for early prestige. Prestige 1 for example barely gives anything.
  6. Messiah

    Some Ideas That Could Help The Server

    No I totally agree, but a solution needs to be found that doesn't wreck the server economy. I'd say the prices for lower caliber guns can go down by quite a bit, but top tier guns like Mk.1 should be more expensive as most rebels can afford it easily.
  7. Messiah

    Some Ideas That Could Help The Server

    You just don't get it. MK-1 is a top tier gun. You should not be able to buy the best of the best several times after one single run. If you can't do enough runs, buy a cheaper gun. There is a reason there are more guns in the game than MK-1.
  8. Messiah


  9. Messiah

    Some Ideas That Could Help The Server

    I wouldn't say nerf. Allowing runs for Havoc (countered with more expensive gear) like back in the day seems like a good idea from this Havoc officers standpoint. We will spend more time travelling our lands and there would be less soul-crushing downtime when people don't visit checkpoint. I would say that we should limit runs to the runs that exists mostly in the Havoc area. As for the gear payment I believe that the actual percentage can be revisited, but the idea as a whole is good in my opinion.
  10. Messiah

    Some Ideas That Could Help The Server

    I think this was a thing back in the day, and given the low activity at checkpoint I am more than open to try it again as long as Havoc as a Factions creates some rules for restraint when it comes to runs, seeing as it will get out of hand if left unchecked. I believe HM Bank, Havoc Armory and such already exists and is supposed to be performed with a high level of roleplay. If anything I think it should be executed better than it has been lately. If we split up the already existing cartels and designate one cartel for weed, one for meth and such it will create more competition amongst the more travelled routes. It also keeps any one gang from gaining too much from owning several cartels, which I believe the devs will be happy about as they need to keep the economy in check. I also think that the arms cartels can be split up and two of them can be designated other benefits such as extra carrying capacity for the gang controlling it or similar benefits.
  11. Messiah

    Phoenix Minecraft Server

    My friends refuse to play minecraft with me anymore because I always build nuclear reactors that end up accidentally melting down and blowing up half the map. But yeah, I all for this project πŸ˜‡
  12. Messiah


    In my opinion, rewarding combat on a roleplay server will invite a lot of toxicity.
  13. Messiah

    Police and Cartels

    Exactly. Gangs, not factions. The only reason factions go there is to feed their "frag videos". There is no faction benefit to take the cartels. Let cartels be what they were made to be, for rebel activity. Unrestricted is not what I would say. I mean, they are more restricted when they have to cover their own gear. I stated this earlier, but I am not arguing for myself as I am not in a gang. I am arguing for all those who misses the opportunity to try out said function because factions run in with with their cheap/free and superior gear and numbers.
  14. Messiah

    Police and Cartels

    If they come as rebel they have to fund themselves. Even if they do, they will still have to manage the economy by doing runs or similar, which again increases rebel activity. Factions have next to nothing to lose, which means they can just re-gear and go again to the next one. It makes a huge difference.
  15. Messiah

    Police and Cartels

    I'm not sure you understand my point either. I am trying to make the case that faction frag squads ruins its purpose of having rebels taking control of it. When the likes of TFU and HSF constantly go to cartels they make it really hard for rebel gangs to take them unless the gangs are massive in size. The factions have a massive advantage in cheap or free gear and they are all experienced fraggers that usually go in groups of 7-8. This ruins the whole experience for the smaller gangs. "get better in combat" is not a solution for this. As someone said earlier, a lot of new, small gangs get crushed by this. Unless I'm still not being clear enough; My point is that we should let cartel redzones be as they are, but accessible for rebels only. At least as a trial.