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  1. Messiah

    How do i get Whitelisted?

    This is not a whitelisted server, mate. This is Arma 3 Altis Life. I'm guessing you're looking for Fivem? It is in fact another community with the same name.
  2. I like this tbh. If the bridge entered the northern cartel peninsula outside the redzone and continued over towards pyrgos I think it could be cool. Would also give way for people to easily drive into redzone if they want to. Keep in mind all the map objects from the Havoc wall is not really in the loop anymore. I have seen similar projects in Dayz, and boats can easily drive underneath. It'd be unique for sure.
  3. Messiah

    Altis Life Economy

    It does not address those who already have tons of money, but it would certainly stop that list from expanding fast.
  4. Messiah

    Altis Life Suggestions - Getting rid of money

    That is actually a great idea. Sort of like a personal auction. However CB needs to be a bit conservative in granting those wishes.
  5. Messiah

    Another Arma DLC&Content Sale | Free Karts DLC

    Yeah, I saw a couple of fresh players in side chat today as well.
  6. Messiah

    Altis Life Economy

    Yes, but you're suggesting to make that change immediately rather than to wait. If all prices and run outputs increase the poorer half is much more likely to increase their wealth by doing runs, while the richest people probably wont feel an immediate need to do runs. If you do the divide immediately the scale remains the same, but if you wait people will more likely than not reduce that scale before you reduce the inflation. If that makes sense to you?
  7. Messiah

    Altis Life Economy

    What Dmitry means is that the scale between rich and poor would still be the same after the divide, just with lower numbers. If you give it time, the people of lower class wealth, meaning new players and people who don't do as many runs would in all likelyhood get richer while many of the richest people on the server would maybe not put in that level of commitment to increasing their wealth. So tldr; People with less money would gain a lot more from being active and thus bridging the gap between rich and poor before an eventual divide. Meaning that the scale between rich and poor would be smaller.
  8. Messiah

    About time you made something of yourself ❤️

  9. Messiah


    Excited to see some changed in the staff team. It will open up opportunities for people to prove themselves and maybe change the dynamic a bit :)

    1. Fox.


      who needs staff for a dead server 

    2. Messiah


      A big part of regaining some traction for the server is regaining some confidence in the staff team.

    3. Labrador


      Got a lot of digging yourself out of that one with individuals like Max who bends the rule to fit his own narrative. 

  10. Messiah

    What could we do to help?

  11. How dare you say something I don't agree with? Lets start some insane beef!
  12. Messiah


    Boo! Corporations are people too!!
  13. Time Submitted: 07:33:05 PM | 05/25/20 Submitted By: Messiah Forum ID: 7190 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Paychecks/Runs balance What Is Your Suggestion: I have been thinking recently. How come we can get so much money from a simple low-end run (like almost 2 mill from a silver run with a HEMMT Box) while paychecks account for a simple fragment of a drop in the bucket? Would it not be more prudent to maybe decrease run payout a bit (don't freak out yet) in favor of a significant increase in base paychecks? I think of the two as offsetting eachother, so that the average player wouldn't really loose any money on a change like this. But, it would come with significant benefits. It would, for instance: - Add a risk-free income for new players struggling with robberies - Give the governor position some significance (honestly, why care about who gets the position if they can only rule over a 10k paycheck?) - Reward activity (For players that actually devote a lot of time into the community) It might come in a time where everyone is desperately trying to come up with suggestions to improve the quality of life on the server, but I honestly think that a change like this could positively affect the community.
  14. Messiah


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