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  1. Messiah

    Seya Later Gamers

    See you around mate
  2. Messiah

    Roll Back The Server

    Everyone is already under pressure. Management did see how Havoc managed, that's the whole reason Havoc doesn't exist anymore. As much as I would want a second faction to help bolster server population, Havoc is not really something that should be re-implemented as it will push back the development of the new faction even further, along with all other things currently in the pipeline. If you already have a lot of work to do, you don't go around asking for more, is what im trying to say.
  3. Yep. A certain someone has a god-given ability to make everything about Havoc 😅 Regardless you are completely correct in allowing the new faction to be developed. People complain about lack of unique features, and as far as I know, this new faction will attempt to implement exactly that into the server. It's gonna be rough for a while still, but once everything is sorted the server will be much more equipped to regain its former population.
  4. Messiah

    Roll Back The Server

    I get the sentiment, but there is no point in imposing even more work on the dev team and management with a new faction already in the pipeline.
  5. Messiah


    Personally I don't think it's a good idea. This is still a large community. Lots of people will play again if the server regains some population. If you reset all of people's progress I think a lot of people will close the door on phoenix as a community for good. If I lost my prestige levels and professions I would have nothing to come back do. As one of the currently two people on the server to actually finish all prestiges and professions I would not return if I lost it. I might concider playing if it was a pure reset of money, but that as well would probably cost us a lot of potential players waiting to see what happens with Phoenix.
  6. Messiah

    Altis Life Suggestions - Paychecks/Runs balance

    It's been a while since I posted this, and there has not been a lot of debate. What do people think? I genuinely think that introducing paychecks as a secure income (not the irrelevant stubs it is today) with the appropriate measures to limit inflation will help new players establish themselves on the server.
  7. Messiah

    Altis Life Suggestions - Recent Change log

    I don't really mind it. It's a bit annoying at times, but its not gambreaking and it has a positive effect against people attempting to combatstore vehicles. This is a reference to the storage timer for vehicles. Now, the actual type spesific garages don't really seem to have a positive effect (imo at least), so I don't really see a reason to keep it in.
  8. Messiah


    Completed it, mate.


    1. Ted



    2. Messiah


      Thanks! :D


    3. SlMON


      gamer moment

  9. Messiah

    Faction NLR | VOTE

    Yes, very. Looks almost designed to trick people. Why not just phrase it like this: "Should factions have NLR in redzone? > Yes >No"
  10. Messiah

    Faction NLR | VOTE

    Faction NLR is the only thing keeping players with free gear from completely dominating in redzone. That's a big fat NO from me. It is already bad enough that APC brings 6-7 people into redzone when the activity of the server is down like in recent weeks. If they go into redzone, they win. Because there is barely any gangs that with enough active people to challenge their numbers.
  11. Messiah

    How do i get Whitelisted?

    This is not a whitelisted server, mate. This is Arma 3 Altis Life. I'm guessing you're looking for Fivem? It is in fact another community with the same name.
  12. Messiah

    Altis Life Suggestions - Trans-Altian Bridge.

    I like this tbh. If the bridge entered the northern cartel peninsula outside the redzone and continued over towards pyrgos I think it could be cool. Would also give way for people to easily drive into redzone if they want to. Keep in mind all the map objects from the Havoc wall is not really in the loop anymore. I have seen similar projects in Dayz, and boats can easily drive underneath. It'd be unique for sure.
  13. Messiah

    Altis Life Economy

    It does not address those who already have tons of money, but it would certainly stop that list from expanding fast.
  14. Messiah

    Altis Life Suggestions - Getting rid of money

    That is actually a great idea. Sort of like a personal auction. However CB needs to be a bit conservative in granting those wishes.
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