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We have completed a Mass Unban, find more information here.


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  1. Honestly, man. You could dedicate 3 minutes to answer a question about how the staff team can be certain that you wont do anything like that again. Where you wrote one short sentence that can barely be interpreted as a pun you could have taken a few minutes to explain why the PhoenixRP staff team should trust you not to do something like that again. You, and you alone are responsible for that ban appeal being declined.
  2. Honestly I think you're overreacting. It's not like we're going to see an instant huge uptick. I think there will be some time before we see the full effect of the mass unban.
  3. Awesome! You are very much welcome. Big thanks to Bryan Air for bringing this guy back
  4. Got to agree there. Cops were really active today and it was a lot of fun. The air vehicle show at northern had me very confused 😂
  5. Complains about bugs, then turns around and complains that nobody fixes the bugs all the while too lazy to notify anyone about the bugs. You do you mate 😂
  6. Well. So that rebel gangs can more easily initiate at checkpoint and avoid any kind of roleplay. Obviously. 😠
  7. I think the Q&A stream would be great to have a repeat of.
  8. I think 2 exp * profession level is optimal. It means you can't prestige on leveling professions alone, and the element of grinding is still there. Remember that we need much more exp in total to prestige now than we did in V1.
  9. I think that would defeat the purpose tho, as the system is intended to keep people from going by the "shoot first, comp later" mentality.
  10. I agree. Roleoplay points have been discussed back and forth for ages, but how about staff members being able to add a positive point towards a player if they see them doing good in their patrols?
  11. nice background! :)

    1. Messiah


      It's a significant moment from back when I was new to this server, filled with hopes and dreams of glorious meth money. Quality is shit, but it means a lot to me.

    2. ÑiḴØŠ



  12. Prestiging now requires a lot more exp as well. If you were to get it back, someone who was prestige 1 (level 15) should not get prestige 1 (level 50). But I do agree that they could get the exp equivalent of lvl 15 back.
  13. I don't think its faster anymore. Was cut down from 5exp per profession level to 1exp per profession level. I happily elected to keep my prestiges when I saw how difficult it now has become to grind that exp.
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