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  1. Messiah


    I'm sure they can have it removed if you want, man.
  2. I wish to inquire about payment for my vote. Who will pay me to sway in either direction?
  3. Fivem is due back soon, so absolutely not.
  4. Messiah


    -1 would be way too op.
  5. I just had a support case where the communications bug was on display again, with a slightly different cause. Case ID: 16513
  6. My point being that even if there is limitations in addition to the base game there will always be a lot of people who wants to play it. Tons of people have Apex, and I don't really see the DLC being an issue regarding player count.
  7. I'd say that you try to contact them again in order to get another support member because that guy does indeed seem like somewhat of a troll. Good luck in other endeavors mate,
  8. Lets get #PhoenixTanoa trending in the community!

  9. Not everyone has internet to download tons of mods and a separate launcher but exile servers are still stacked most of the day.
  10. I paid 100m for Prestige 5. I spent 100m on Paycheck 5, Full Nightvision, Graverobber and +30% chop value. Those perks are worth 100m imo.
  11. Messiah

    Bank still bugged

    I can't answer that. But that is how I read his message.
  12. Messiah

    Bank still bugged

    Well, as Scarso stated here, PC and below does not count, meaning that PC apparently does not count towards that quota either.
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