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  1. In Game Name: Richter Petrov (previously Chase Dallas) Steam ID: 76561198114624642 Age: 17 Previous Gangs : Blackwater (small gang with a couple friends) Tell us about you (Tell us your story, how you got to Altis, what you do here, where do you want to go): Having been born into a middle-class family in suburban England as well as finding great success academically, most assumed Chase was enjoying life but the truth was rather different. Academics never truly appealed to him and from a young age, he saw himself as more of an explorer. Over time this manifested itself further, with him purposefully throwing his exams in an attempt to remove himself from the academic pressure exerted by those around him. Over time, Chase began to conflict with his family further and further as he pursued his own interests as opposed to those thrust upon him by his parents. After years of endless disputes, at the age of 19, Chase decided to he needed a change. He packed a rucksack, took what money he had saved and began his adventure throughout the world. He travelled from nation to nation, island to island, with his only intent being to explore the world around him. After only 3 months, his funds began to dry up, leaving him stranded with no money on a small Greek Island known as Altis. With no leads or anywhere to go, he began to integrate with their culture and over the course of a few short weeks, he became known in Kavala for his tales describing his many adventures exploring the lesser-known parts of the world. Over time he no longer wanted to leave the Island as its culture became one with him; instead, he desired only one thing. To become notorious across the isle. What will you bring to the family?: I hope to bring my sense of leadership and team spirit as two of my strongest attributes, as well as my physical capabilities as a fighter and my ability to lay my life on the line for my brothers and sisters. Why do you want to join ACF?: I want to join ACF as I believe I will fit well within the family due to my strong sense of team spirit and help us form a more cohesive unit so we can function both more efficiently and effectively in all manners. Individually we are weak, but as a group, we are unbreakable. Any previous bans?: None
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