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  1. Frank Castle

    Cops basically rn

    Here we go I have a problem with cops lets post on the forums and not take specific incidents to PCC
  2. Frank Castle

    Mar-10 with 6 mags

  3. Frank Castle


    I enjoyed that sit I would have negotiated more but there was a prisoner inside and you where close to releasing him
  4. Frank Castle

    In a bit

    @Simmo Sparrow o7
  5. Frank Castle

    Player Report - Frank Castle - 04/06/19 - Altis Life

    Also by my reaction you can tell I genuinely didn't know what had happened and that this was the first dispute I got or I would have saved my end.
  6. Frank Castle

    Player Report - Frank Castle - 04/06/19 - Altis Life

    So in the video you can see its clear desync I never seen you and the reason I turned off road was because TFU hit there panic I asked where the panic is and @Andy McNab Said turn left so I did and hit him not even realising he died got hit or anything. It was a simple car accident magnified by desync not intentional like Fuzzy claims. Fuzzy asked for comp I agreed if he died he said he didn't but his virtual items which I asked for proof of and he declined to give and said he would take it to the forums. Also I cannot see a bag in the video so I believe he was lying to myself and the support member to get money.
  7. Frank Castle

    Brexit Means Brexit: Badger's Out

    The accused has 24 hours to respond.
  8. Frank Castle

    Player Report - Frank Castle - 04/04/19 - Altis Life

    Can we close this its pretty boring....
  9. Frank Castle

    Player Report - Frank Castle - 04/04/19 - Altis Life

    I would love to resolve this silliness in support
  10. Frank Castle

    Player Report - Frank Castle - 04/04/19 - Altis Life

    you havent attempted to resolve it with me no dispute or nuthing
  11. Frank Castle

    Time to go... the search for RP...

    ❤️ N00ms always respected you sad to see you go
  12. Frank Castle


    I agree let me lead recon and sniper school
  13. Frank Castle

    Justice For Jakob

    Update: GC gave in to our demands and agreed with us now as must go to staff leads and make our voices heard if they can provide a written rule prohibiting what Jakob done we want his rank back
  14. Frank Castle

    Justice For Jakob

    If you seriously have removed an active and positive member of your staff team for executing scripts on a server that many people know the group doing it also partake in such acts you have honestly made a fool out of yourself and lost someone who deserves more then this
  15. Frank Castle

    Justice For Jakob

    Not only that but it seems that the only people who actually serve them out are low ranking officers left in isolation and boredom while if It happens to gold command they still work on stuff and serve there purpose it's nothing more than an shitty situation made by those who don't actually feel the effects of it.