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  1. HooD

    TYPHOON | Open

    lol try to kill me atleast once cause u cant lmfao
  2. HooD

    In a while

    Was fun im guessing your quitting the community message me sometime i might come on with you on whatever you are playing then anyways bye bb xx
  3. Item Name: SPMG .338 (Black) + .338 Silencer + ARCO + 3 MAGS Screenshot: Minimum Bid / Starting Bid: 15,000,000 Minimum Increment: 100K End Date: 17th
  4. HooD

    TYPHOON | Open

    Competition with Paw finally? mabye not nvm just checked whos on the roster yikes
  5. "your gang are fucking dogshit mate" lmfao comming from the bot himself lol
  6. ApplicationName : gonna carry ur whole gang with fragsSteam ID : 2391328743Hours On Arma : dont need anyPrevious Gangs : i go solo ez4ence
  7. Name : ginger catSteam ID : 7633384592Hours On Arma : 150 because i have 12 alt accountsPrevious Gangs : mafia
  8. Yes Wristo was the one who initiated. we thought there was 5 havoc in cp as they just finished patrolling cop lands and we saw them comming back to cp thats why we wanted to takeover the cp, so we assumed there was more than 5 as we saw quillins prior to the situation comming to cp, really didnt think they were gonna leave that fast thought they were setting up that is totally our fault i own up to everything said this 3 times now we shouldnt of intiated before being sure there are 5 or more havoc members in cp at that time, and yes it is quite hard to count 5 havoc members as some might be setup in dearstands which i know but its not a excuse so i am sorry once again and my friends are we promise this wont happen again as i said again we will triple check how many havoc members in the CP. This was totally a missunderstanding on our side and which we apologise once again. i hope you can give us another chance as this will NOT HAPPEN AGAIN
  9. First of all, why are you reporting me and just be like ? As we were not the ones which intiated we just shot at you guys as you started shooting at us. second of as i explained more than once in the support case thought the quillin left whilst we were initating so we contiuned to go with the sit as we see the qullins move up after acouple of minutes we knew that it was a misunderstanding but we couldnt of stopped the situation as HAVOC would of just killed us, third off you say we executed you guys, but the only person who exucted haovc members was just be like, and he only executed 2 of your members before he got told to stop as it was a rule break, Wrist0 said that when he intiated on Niko he didnt say anything about there being on 2 of them in CP, this whole situation was a mess we thought there was more than 2 of you guys and we found out there wasnt we are sorry about this and this wont happen again as we will double check once we try to invade the cp in the future. Sorry once again, HooD
  10. If phoenix did all that shit rebel life would be popping and the server would be poppin aswell so for me its a big +1
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