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  1. "We will destroy any other gang that crosses us." Wanna be more cocky gl
  2. 1000 Locked and Moved. @HooD weldone you won
  3. HooD

    fix loadouts.

    actually to get a mk1 u need 10mill for the advanced rebel and for type 115 u need 1 million
  4. HooD

    fix loadouts.

    Runs are shite buffed my ass , they are nerfed can u not see do a meth run buddy.
  5. HooD

    fix loadouts.

    make mk1 loadouts 300K , as runs are nerfed currently and it takes over 2hours to get 2 million which 2million is enough for 2 mk1 loadouts thats just stupid in my opinion and on reborn mk1 loadouts are 200k because there runs are nerfed but there loadouts arent set as stupid prices.
  6. ah so 100 meth is equal to 2mill and it takes u atleast 1 hour nice thats shit for the time and the amount.
  7. @Cobra The OGbro its nerfed are u in the 1900s
  8. I have to go with @CRACCOON idea thats a +1 for me, i wouldnt care about dieing to OP asf factions , if atleast runs would pay for a mk1 lodaout which generally costs 800K.
  9. they are shit tho they are not good as u can see in that clip they should of killed me, but no they are not good.
  10. https://gyazo.com/8f932cea013884a02097f27b43bb9d9d https://gyazo.com/0f15b1c70795b260841b737e33d8c5f1 - No wonder tfu got disbanded.
  11. @nnoremaCi mean wanna pipe down boss if not lets hop on cqc.
  12. @JackPoulter Fucking sick frags bro , what resoulution do u use so its that streched? and what fov do u use ?
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