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  1. HooD

    Long Range Scopes

  2. https://gyazo.com/baf5c64fce278a986ad662442e73fe27 FUNNIEST EVENT PHOENIX HAS HAD IN A WHILE, CAN WE HAVE EVENTS LIKE THIS MORE OFTEN,
  3. CRACCOON: he is clueless because the durag covers his eyes
  4. HooD


    I would just say to add a points system mabye in game so its not totally copied off another island (not naming) could work the same so at the end of gang base bidding whoever is the 1st 2nd and 3rd gets a prize could be money, credits for whatever or just something new?
  5. Time Submitted: 11:28:23 PM | 10/27/19 Submitted By: HooD (7101) In-Game Name: foot Steam / Player ID: 76561198061176079 Date of Event: 10/27/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Zly2Cx_e_M Details of Event: tried to sell my hellcat and didnt recieve any money for it Compensation Amount: 4 Million , i know it says 2 million but if u try to sell your vehicles it gives you the full amount which is 4 million so am i wanting 4 million comp. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  6. HooD

    Long Range Scopes

    phx players gotta stop roaching.
  7. Time Submitted: 05:45:13 PM | 10/21/19 Submitted By: HooD (7101) In-Game Name: hood Steam / Player ID: 76561198061176079 Administrator who issued ban: Kiran Date of ban: 10/20/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: so we were doing HM, then we all died including me i went afk as my parents was shouting at me because i was on the pc all day and didnt do anything they told me to which was totally my fault, as i am down stairs my parents lose their temper and decide to turn the wifi off, as i totally forgot i was still dead and didnt bleed out, so at that point i was like okay well he just turned my wifi off atleast i bled out, that is not a excuse by all means i should of been more careful and see if i actually did bleed out sorry about that, then i had to get in the shower because it was late, pretty sure it like 7pm or something around that time so i had to get a shower, and after that i come on today after school and see that im banned for combat logging i am extremly sorry for this and this wont happen again as i will watch out and see if i have bled out or not, and not let my dad turn the wifi off whenever he feels it. What reason was given for your ban? Combat Log Why should you be unbanned? because i feel that it was not exactly my fault as it was my parents which lost their tempers and just decided to turn the wifi off, again this is not a excuse and im just really sorry for this once again. This wont happen again Thanks, HooD What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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