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  1. Not in it buddy kind of the leader ?
  2. Reborn roleplay never had huron crates and before that malden life never had huron crates
  3. Yes man 100 percent new to arma https://gyazo.com/915a748edfe09adf025f894bae6486e5 https://gyazo.com/969b11a0dd45d3936458440cb2b61364
  4. Sort of i am new to this server buddy
  5. Hurons are a lot faster tho ?
  6. In Game Name: Waterbottle Timezone: Eu Age: 16 Hours On Arma 3: 2050 Previous Gangs: Dont play this server Kettle crew Vouches: No one How Active Can You Be: Every day until Phoenix v2 comes out Soon as phoenix v2 comes out some of supremacy will be heading over to this server and playing you guys said you wanted competition right ?
  7. It was more of a reward for actually going to redzones a lot, you said you wanted to make cap zones more rewarding this would of been a fantastic way
  8. So this is a suggestion what reborn roleplay already had implemented into the server but it would fit in extremely well with phoenix v2 coming out https://gyazo.com/a0334190ecf0b8347cb522ac114d73cf as we can see here they have rewarded the players in a way where it is balanced and feels very rewarding for the people who go to the cap zones Of course the price's would need balanced for the server but it could be a fantastic feature
  9. Does anyone know when the next 1.5x is just want to know
  10. Gang Application Template Name - Lt.baccy Age - 16 Hours on Arma 3 - 1446 Steam ID - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198258032816/ Previous Experience - reborn rp most my experience What you Can bring to the group (Min 5+ points) - constant comms, constant inflow of money, a bit of a fun, great roleplay experience and I Guess a constant player Why do you want to join Venom? (Min 20+ words) - i want to join venom because you same to be a gang what is well organised and with me just coming back to the island i want to see what this island is all about i do have a little bit of money and rebel so dont worry about that. Why Should we accept you (Min 120+ words) - well you should accept me because i can always play on the server and even though i am doing my gcse's at the moment i cant still play around 5 - 6 hours a day mostly because i already got the grades i need but other than that i am not too bad at pvp so i can defend while we do runs or do the activities the server provides. leading from runs i am always up to do runs nothing better than having a bunch of money in the bank i am at this point of playing roleplay servers i dont care if i lose a ifrit or anything like that its more about having a fun time and not caring about things you lose. Can Anyone In The Gang Vouch For You? - Negative
  11. i Personally hate some of the rules for example the player must be able to see you for you to initiate rule, this is stupid because than its basically a death trap for the person who initiates
  12. IGN = Lt.baccy Age = 16 Hours = 1283 Prev gangs = 0 why do you want to join BIA = just need a fun and active gang What country are you from = Uk Do you have a stable bank account? = my bank is less stable than my nan and she is on life support Licence = Rebel
  13. not at the moment its uploading i thought the hacker blowing everyone up would be enough evidence
  14. Time Submitted: 11:28:02 PM | 02/02/19 Submitted By: matthews_brothers (7080) In-Game Name: Lt.baccy Steam / Player ID: 76561198258032816 Date of Event: 02/02/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): If you need evidence reply and i will give you the video Details of Event: Hacker came on the server and blew everyone up Compensation Amount: (700k around that) Car-95 ,1 (100 round mag) Full gear vest ect Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
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