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    The weather on altis kind of seems to be a constant and i think for immersion and also because it would look great. add some sunny rain which wets the terrain and gives it a different look and feel to altis with heavy rain in some parts and sunny spells in others, maybe reduce the traction in the wet areas so its slippier for cars and stuff, a fight in the pouring rain or a drive or chase with a bit of rain with some sun would look amazing and set us apart from other communities, frames could be a issue for some so maybe make an option to turn it off, dynamic weather would be sick on phoenix and i hope this gets added so i can see a change in altis and spice it up a bit, i have always liked the rain and would love to see it in phoenix rp and appreciate the map itself. Helicopter ride in the rain along the coast plz
  2. -1 i know some people would want this, but i dont want waves of factions and bigger gangs endlessly coming back until they win, creating a disadvantage to a lot and make even more move to factions and make rebel life more dead, in the end it is an rp server with nlr for a reason, if you want to keep coming back to fight people after you die go play CQC or something where its designed that way, your character only has one life then you are back to the menu, you cant go back or even remember what happened, this will just cause people to bitch about factions having to pay next to nothing to come back endlessly in huge groups and win while small rebel groups have to use their hard earned money to buy gear and be outnumbered anyway, it will just eventually get changed back so save time and leave it as is. If you keep dying instead of changing rules to go back just get better😉 or go do something else for 15 mins.


    @Stefan♦ When can we meet?
  4. ok your application has been ACCEPTED on trial, join our TeamSpeak channel for briefing and testing.
  5. Your application has been ACCEPTED. make your way to TS for an interview and training session.
  6. Time Submitted: 12:56:17 PM | 05/23/19 Submitted By: CRACCOON (7069) In-Game Name: CRACCOON Steam / Player ID: 76561198878844023 Date of Event: 05/22/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): logs can be checked Details of Event: I had 432 meth in my house, I was told by a friend that it was bugged by someone and all the meth disappeared, later checked the house and it was true, everything was lost. Compensation Amount: 24,192,000, 432 meth with all cartels. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  7. +1 but there must have been reasons it was made this way
  8. Time Submitted: 05:05:18 PM | 05/18/19 Submitted By: CRACCOON (7069) In-Game Name: CRACCOON Steam / Player ID: 76561198878844023 Date of Event: 05/18/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): will give to dealing admin Details of Event: I spawned at kav to do a trade with Bert from titan, for an LLR with 5 mags, I picked it up and synced my data and gave Bert the money, after giving enough time for the data to sync I log out and wait a bit then go to my house, I spawn in and see I have my old spar 16 from way before the trade. the logs might need to be checked IDK. Compensation Amount: 1x LLR with 5 mags or £9,500,000 cash. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
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