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We have completed a Mass Unban, find more information here.


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  1. my profile picture would have you
  2. hope so bit ironic isnt it
  3. This is deep Cya on (redacted) big man o7
  4. @Blitz happy birthday u minger

  5. currently they have no reason to be unbanned because them and all their friends are banned, mass unbans would probably bring back groups of players, if i and my friends was all banned i wouldnt be arsed to appeal it, getting lots of people unbanned for rulebreaks of varying severity is alot harder than moving community innit we as the people who want more players should be making an incentive for people to come back
  6. +1 its basically a meme that everyone is banned off phoenix, with a new system surely we should do a mass unban for those who rdmed, nlr, exploited people who have shown they arent right for the community for example people fragging blitzs router, hackers or possibly dupers should be left the people who repeat offences once unbanned would be quickly banned whilst people who show they are able to conduct themselves well should stay this is the best altis life server in my opinion development wise but the player count is lacking and thats holding it back im not playing because my mates are banned and thats the case for others, not just banned people will come back after a mass unban, so will their friends and people who see its popping again OG phoenix looked great but i think this could be better
  7. yos, that sums it up

    bye guys

    its ok ill come on ts once in a while, later, btw tell michael constantino the wedding is off
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