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  1. brIIIIdge, voice crack ruined his whole deal there as well
  2. I'm not toxic and im in Paw (Engraved), its mainly the 12 years olds from pog that were toxic who we keep seeming to merge with for some reason....
  3. Can we take the bullshit of this post, thanks gamers.
  4. HAVOC CP I think that it should be made an area where combat is restricted, but I don't think that it should be a joint CP. One reason is because HAVOC has forcefully taken over that area so we should not be splitting it. Another is that the APC allows all people the chance, we are not the TSA or border control so we do not check people when the enter our lands, if they break our laws then appropriate action is taken but other than that it makes no sense. APC I agree with this completely. Some officers do not go on unless there is a TST patrol (or other spec unit patrol managed by officers on standard patrol at a time). But maybe edit it to allow them to have higher tier weaponry just in case as they are -- within roleplay -- at a higher standard of weapon handling training. Maybe a 6.5mm weapon or forced single fire 7.62 rifles for higher level members. The issue with the realism plea is that if it was realistic, there would not be police there would be martial law with all civilians either evacuated or under curfew and there would be regular bombing runs on HAVOC's CP as well as their infrastructure. So I don't think this is a good idea due to this, I get where you are coming from but unless it took at least a restart to receive a weapon and rebels couldn't get higher than 5.56mm weapons as well because it wouldn't be fair for APC to have to deal with it. I agree that this should be implemented and people should also pull over more, but due to the fact that every rule that tries to force this will get major backlash and hate and will reduce player count even more or it certain individuals may find loopholes within them then memorise and abuse them (therefore leading to a new rule being needed that stop the use of loopholes, which just in general may be useful). So due to these factors, I don't think this would be useful for player base or for support/staff members having to deal with cases concerning it. I think that in theory this is a good idea but then there will be a race between standard patrol officers to get to the major crime and if more than 3 get there then there will almost certainly be an argument about who was there first or who should be there. On top of that if there are higher officers there they will most likely instruct the lower ranked officers to leave because they wan't to be there and then PCC case may be brought for abuse of power. And it would just cause a major shit show so for this reason I think it should be an advisory statement given in training but it should not be enforced. Although, the highest ranking member TST should be able to tell command other non TST officers even if they are a lower rank within the APC due to this being how it works in real life and this may help with your request for more realism. Rebels I don't mean to be rude or disrespectful but this suggestion shows a bit of naivety due to the fact that people will rob whoever they want (as long as it's not a NHS medic or someone the likes of that). I think that it would be better if people did this and maybe stopped robbing people who look less experienced but instead helped them out, for instance giving them tips or a tour of the island maybe to show them around and help them get an economy before robbing them. Again, it shows a bit of naivety because people want to do runs such as meth or coral then with that money buy weapons and get into combat situations. This is due to the fact that arma 3 is primarily a militarised game and to so people may not want to spend time buying things for money then reselling for high as most likely the'd just rob the person trying to sell the thing to them or get robbed trying to sell it for more. And even if they are a 'trusted' person no one would buy things from them for more than like 50k because if someone wants a taser they can just rob a cop then hightail away before they can get arrested. Overall, i think that the 1st APC suggestion is good and should be implemented but I do not think that in their current state any others should be implemented. I think the base idea of the HAVOC CP being more roleplay based is a good idea but sharing shouldn't take place and other base concepts of the suggestions are good but they need to be look at in a practicality sense because almost any time things are made more realistic you will get the 'It's a game, there is no point in making it so realistic' response and then that can reduce player base even more. I also think that maybe reducing the price of HAVOC Visas would be a good idea and making them stay in your inventory when you log off or through restarts. Other than that I applaud you for having the initiative and confidence to bring it up but with the current state and the demographic of the player base making a more roleplay oriented server would hurt it more than heal it even though it is an RP server at heart with the types of people who play on the server I just don't think a less combat oriented server would help it.
  5. Yes please. I would like to volunteer as a member of the task force.
  6. I get were you coming from but it won't ever happen. This is because it is a defining feature of the server and if they removed it they would be making the server more generic. I think maybe a few tweaks to its conduct would be good, for instance needing a valid roleplay reason to enter APC lands.
  7. No, we didn't because he didn't have teamspeak so we just made this report due to this factor.
  8. He said to us he did not have teamspeak so we could not take him to support.
  9. Time Submitted: 02:15:17 PM | 08/20/19 Submitted By: Timothy Bowen (7047) Your In-Game Name: Timothy Bowen [KV7047] Who are you reporting?: PLAYER 1 Time/Date of event: 15:00 - 20/08/19 Rule's Broken: 1.2 Explain what happened: We pulled up next to him because he was stationary in a hemmit box just outside of Galati to the east and then after about 30 seconds he started to drive away and I told him to stop. He did not stop and so I ran back to the car and got in it Peel [CID8278] drove after him with lights and sirens on and then he pulled to the right into a broken house and then got out of his hemmit box and sprayed at our car killing both me and Peel. He then drove away and later came back and said that he shot us because he had illegal gear and told us he did not have teamspeak. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82AkogbrIkw Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?:
  10. Vel is such a nice guy. He payed JAMES around 4 mil to *teach him how to fly a helicopter* (James crashed the heli in between two very narrow posts) and then gave everyone who was in the heli 100k. All he does is help out others and if you need someone to talk to or cheer you up, Vel is always there to make you smile with his attitude and charismatic personality.
  11. Name: Timothy Guzman SteamID: 76561198874337293 Timezone: BST Hours in Arma: https://gyazo.com/0eb96ffb177ee9e64c597fc3a894bdb4 Tell us a bit about yourself: Some days I'm good at combat but other days I'm not as good. I am good roleplayer, I am a good teamwork and I know how to act in different situations. Members of SC that can vouch for you: Matt Guzman, Blitz Guzman, Throbbing Cock Guzman
  12. We would like suppressors because we are at a major disadvantage when we have this massive muzzle flash whilst at night whereas rebels do not and to be honest, the quilin is just a better, more suitable vehicle for the job it is used it for.
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