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  1. Name: Timothy Guzman SteamID: 76561198874337293 Timezone: BST Hours in Arma: https://gyazo.com/0eb96ffb177ee9e64c597fc3a894bdb4 Tell us a bit about yourself: Some days I'm good at fragging but other days I'm not. I am good roleplayer and I am a good teamwork. Members of SC that can vouch for you: Matt Guzman, Blitz Guzman, Throbbing Cock Guzman
  2. We would like suppressors because we are at a major disadvantage when we have this massive muzzle flash whilst at night whereas rebels do not and to be honest, the quilin is just a better, more suitable vehicle for the job it is used it for.
  3. That just means that people are new, or that people want to join a faction. And it is a Sunday night, they might be busy with their families.
  4. I’m not saying he should what I’m saying is that that is a solution to his complaints.
  5. I have played rebel and I understand what you are saying but as I have said now for the 5th time, just join a faction.
  6. Then join a faction, you are literally answering your own wants. Just join the APC or HAVOC.
  7. That is what im saying. If you want more money stop looking for combat and make money. And if you want to spend less, then spend less don’t just try to get rewarded for being combat driven on an rp server.
  8. Barley anyone in the apc gets a mk1 I can tell you that. And havoc get them discounted. And you said so yourself, just join a faction.
  9. If you want a 300k loadout get a spar 16s, mk1 is 7.62 and like all other 7.62 load outs it’s expensive
  10. Making rebels not have red zone nlr but factions do is unfair as it can lob side combat very easily. It has to be the same for all.
  11. I was thinking that you could have a way to make money while doing other things, making it passive income. For instance a rough idea might be that you set up alcohol brewing equipment and then the longer you leave it to brew the more money it is worth so like every restart would increase value by like 15% so over time it would become very lucrative but the more it’s worth the heavier it is. But it could like spoil if you leave it too long and then it would start decreasing in value by like 15% each time and the cut off point being like 18 restarts. And the base value be like £2500. Edit: Or if it’s possible make it so that it spoils after 9 hours but only if you are playing on the server and the value increase and decreases at say 32%. Again with the value starting at £2500.
  12. same penguin, i know he is the csi of kavala but i dont know what he did to get removed from staff and if what people are saying is true and it was on another why in the hell is he being punished here. give him a verbal warning or at max a warning point there is no need to remove someone from the staff team for doing something on an entirely different server
  13. This needs to happen! +1
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