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  1. n00ms

    Gone :)

    OK left today, had a great time while I was here, some bad times but the good far outweighed the bad! Met some great people who really get what this server should be about, keep up the RP! (also met some frag hungry hormonal teenagers with the RP skills of a stick) Adios! and have a good one, enjoy the pressies those who got them 😛
  2. Sorry I have no idea what this means, I had to look it up. "Chatting...when one is running their gums, talking almost complete nonsense, but all other gangstas are like 'yeah brud, i get you. skeen, skeen.'" This country is fucked People who were involved have left for other games, not been online, have since deleted videos. Maybe some of the cops involved have it on their frag montages!
  3. Spoken to a few Medics who are up for helping. Could use the help of an admin who can make cinematic camera style footage for us. I am just putting the storyboard together showing each shot we need. Ideally an exact copy but in Arma of the video above.
  4. Got some of it saved in my premiere just waiting for other people's footage.
  5. Sounds like fun! will get some medics together
  6. We are looking for new medics to join our team! Apply now: https://phoenixrp.co.uk/forms/4-nhs-application/
  7. Trying to get everyone's videos together to make a nice bit of footage Thanks, it was such an anti-climax for everyone involved. Just bad luck I think that we got officers who had not dealt with this sort of HM situation before.
  8. @Draxter has spent a while trying to convince me to have another go at it, however I am hitting my Medic duties for a few days. I would love to try it again and will speak to other members if they want to attempt it again. (I even have a few new ideas I might try this time to make it even more interesting for both sides)
  9. Will be editing and uploading soon
  10. I do appreciate your concerns, my only wish was for the situation itself to happen. I really do not want any gold, and I am not even looking to have people punished, an ideal for me would be to replay the whole scenario again, it was the enjoyment of the RP that was important to me. This is not just a single event that has made me feel this way, I would not give up so easily, I just feel like I am being forced to conform to combat, I enjoy the RP but every situation I have been involved in seems to end in combat, whether it be from the other side or our own side. I do hear people panic to get initiations across in the fear that the other side might get the upper hand or escape, the value seems to be on winning rather than both sides coming away happy because the RP was so much fun. I am going to take a few days break, and just have a think about things, if I choose to come back I want to come back with a plan to try and help situations, I at least would want to do my bit.
  11. Good bye, I wish you luck!

  12. Unfortunately I will be leaving the island. For the past few weeks I have been trying to convince people that RP is what this server is about, I have told them to trust me and others who enjoy RP and follow suit. I have now been made to look stupid thanks to the Police on this island failing to get involved with an excellent RP opportunity. Our Full RP HM Bank We had an array of VRM vans on the HM site, various service vans and everyone kitted in the same VRM uniforms. We had 2 foremen and a contractor on sight overlooking the work. We had a 5 page document detailing the work and what was being carried out. Every members was on site doing a job of some sort, RPing between each other constantly, some excellent RP was going on. We triggered an alarm as the new trainee forgot to disable the alarm, this was made in to a big deal by his supervisors and RP continued. The foremen and contractor spoke with Police to assure them nothing untoward was going on and showed them the documents. We had workers running back and forth bringing tools to fix some electrics, some working on air con units and others on lights. It was a working site, and the Police were invited to enter and be escorted around if they put on their Hard hats and Hi Vis which we had ready for them. Not a single worker had a gun. How the RP was handled by the Police One of the foremen was suddenly initiated on by the Police and told he would be tased, he asked why and was tased. Then all of a sudden all un-armed workers were fired upon, most killed the rest restrained. No attempt was made to RP, to take us up on the offer to get involved and come and inspect the site. The RP was shut down. The Police wanted to kill. I see this as major fail to engage in RP, there were 20+ people involved in something that took days to plan, we convinced members to go unarmed and we were going to prove that this is an RP server. The disappointment when we got no RP was the last straw for me. I have a video from start to finish, the supervisors meeting in Kavala and giving instructions to the workers on what vans they were taking, the whole 30 mins of RP that went on before any cops even arrived. Then the RP while the cops were at the gate, involving some excellent RP from people who have only been into killing.... they were actually enjoying the RP! This has ruined my night, and ruined my whole outlook of this server. Good bye
  13. I was involved in the situation, I was following the Ghosthawk at all times, the Ghosthawk never left my sight. There would have been no time to chop it, we had 4 helicopters in the area all ready to land. I saw that a member of our gang was shot and executed, another member in the area of the shooting confirmed what had happened so we maintained pursuit to keep the situ active as per the rule. Since we had not seen any of their gang shot but one of ours was shot we of course treated this as an active situation. We followed the Ghosthawk, it then landed at in a green zone which we felt unfair as the situation was active, then around the map, then to a blue zone where the pilot was shot. The rules we followed: 3.4 End of Initiation - After a period of 3 minutes has passed and no shots have been fired, initiation is over. You must re-initiate. If you have maintained clear eyes throughout a vehicle chase, you do not have to re-initiate (This does not include following a player using a camera such as a Darter / Hellcat). and 6.2 Blue Zone - No players are allowed to initiate, rob, steal, lockpick vehicles or taze players in this zone. Exceptions to this rule are as follows: SO1 & APC officers are the only people allowed to use a tazer in this zone. If a situation started outside of the blue zone, and moves within the blue zone, the situation may continue and combat is permitted. You are not permitted to block the entrance to blue zones. The rules we feel were broken: 6.1 Green Zone - No players are allowed to initiate, rob, engage in combat, steal or lockpick vehicles. Anything considered a crime is not permitted in a green zone, including storing illegal items in houses. This is considered to be a safe-zone. Exceptions to this rule are as follows: APC & SO1 may only use taser pistols in the green zone. SO1 Officers are allow to knock players out in the greenzone, however, this must only be used to protect the Prime Minister. You may not flee to the green zone or bring any incapacitated people to a green zone whilst combat is still active. You may not park vehicles in the green zone in an attempt to stop people from robbing you. For example when you are selling drugs the truck must not be left in a green zone. You are not permitted to block the entrance to green zones. With regards to the RDM, we could see YOU had shot and executed one of our gang, at no time would we presume the person you shot had RDMed you as you fled in his Ghosthawk. After speaking to duggies when the situation had ended he said the roleplay was of a very low standard and he did feel his life was in danger.
  14. +1 Would love to see these removed. Being used too much!
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