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  1. Ifrit

    I made an suggestion a while ago about more sort of color ifrits and still think it would be nice for them to be added, it almost adds no mission file so why not right? Old Suggestion: I have been on sandbox working on skins and I was messing around with a few commands and I would love to see a buyable ifrit that has this texture cursorObject setObjectTextureGlobal [1,"#(rgb,8,8,3)color(0,0,0,1)"]; (It will make the back and the wheels of the ifrit black) Let me know your opinions.
  2. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    If I win I'll giveaway half of it away again. Also GL and HF with what you are going to do now. Hope to see you around sometime. GL to everyone entering! Peaky Blinders
  3. Teamspeak Channel Tag.

    I think at the moment the Channel tags do not have enough power, I think the "Gang Leader" should be able to give Channel admin to others and should be able to remove it aswell. aswell do I think Channel admin should be able to kick people from there channels.
  4. For Sale

    10K for 2x MAR-10
  5. Blackmarket

    Make Black/Green Armor and Guns cost the same as the other colors but keep them in the blackmarket store. Because I do not think anyone is going to pay around 300-400K for 1 vest or more for a different color gun.
  6. Balaclavas

    I think the "Stealth Balaclava (Black)" and the "Stealth Balacla (Black, Goggles)" should be added to the advanced clothing store.
  7. Rebel Licenses

    Pretty sure anyone can sieze comms and people would still be able to rob cops for there gear, but you just got to demand them to drop there stuff.
  8. banned

    Pretty sure you would have to contact someone from Managemant to get unbanned from Infistar and it does not go true Infistar I don't think. Or just make an unban request.
  9. Rebel Licenses

    Please explain yourself cus can't get anything out of just a "-1"
  10. TITAN>Rusty

    Do not take this seriously, its just a joke. Good fight Rusty.
  11. Dev

    Did I just hear a door squeaking? jk <3
  12. Dev

    Give @Sig in-game paychecks when he does dev work, 250-500K every 15 min.
  13. Black Market License - More to offer

    I think the black guns are a nice addon but I do not think they should be more than the normal guns, you already payed 15M for the license. I think there should be 3GL guns, with the smokes that fit in it (No explosives) and there should be Green/Black guns for normal price so people will start buying them.
  14. Rebel Licenses

    By setting a level for the licenses and making it more money it will actually be a grind and not just a couple of runs.
  15. Rebel Licenses

    I think it is way to easy to get rebel licenses at the moment, so I think there should be levels set to be able to buy rebel licenses. I would say these would have to be the levels. Normal Rebel: Level 7-10 Advanced Rebel: 20-25 Blackmarket: 25 Also do I think Advanced should be changed from 10M to 20M due to 10M being way to cheap for what you get from it.

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