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  1. Tiger

    mk1 loadout time you want to spend

    What are you on about?
  2. Tiger

    Ethan frey

    I have to disagree
  3. I would love to see my Lightning Mcqueen Hatchback sport back into the server.
  4. Tiger

    The Kraken(Recruiting]

    Good luck
  5. Is robbing at rebel how you get approved now?


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Labrador


      combat stance btw

    3. Moh Lester

      Moh Lester

      ''Hands up or you will be shot" high roleplay gang btw.

    4. Kevin


      I had a word with the gang involved. According to them the person showed hostility towards them before this and there was more context to the scenario.

      Random robbing of people isn't something we want approved gangs doing, and something that will enforce against. 

      Locking this as it's pretty obvious the way it's going

  6. Tiger

    Arma tips

    Ye no joking around guys common. @Kevin You can probably also ask him to hit you up with tips for your next frag movie.
  7. Tiger


    @Catnip Cartels are not only about fighting, some people RP there too.
  8. Tiger

    Arma tips

    Might want to give @Alexander some Minecraft tips than.
  9. Tiger

    Arma tips

    @Cobra★ [email protected]
  10. Tiger

    Tom Slice

    @MeatSlice Nice cop that actually roleplays I think he should get an invite to MPU.
  11. Tiger

    Arma tips

    @Nikos I would send him a mail for a quick and professional response.
  12. Tiger

    Arma tips

    I used to always crash my car until I found [email protected] I sent him an email and have been getting great support since then. My weekly car crashes have decreased from about 69 times to 1 or even 0 times a week. I would recommend anyone to use his service even if you think you don't need it! Thanks, @BertSon-G!
  13. Tiger


    In my opinion the rule should be changed back to how it used to be and if gangs never show any roleplay and just go around robbing everyone they see all the time they should be talked to or punished.