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    2. Jelle


      @Scarso you are the one who left after ur mission file was broke af and people started criticizing it. And you came back for what reason? 

    3. Scarso


      @Jelle I left for reasons that didn't involve the mission file. I left due to inaction from management and the fact the faction I most enjoyed was getting boring to me. Yes I didn't 100% enjoy the criticism and sometimes quite toxic remarks but there is no need to get caught up on them. Most people accepted the issues and dealt with them for the better feature set and framework on which to build. I still worked on larger issues in the background and provided help after I felt if it was absolutely necessary, after all I do actually like Zyn and the other members of the development team.

      I came back as I was the indecision and lack of management oversight had (From a public view gotten a lot better) and considering I had got over most of the burnt out 3 months developing V2 caused I should come back and continue the development for fun.

    4. F L E M I N G O

      F L E M I N G O

      @Scarso don't listen to him. It's good to have you back ngl. After all Zyn can't do all the work himself.

  2. Tiger

    Rule Change

    Agree with @Scarso tbh, everytime I am in support if I disputed someone or some disputed me there is always an admin or support member that says something is allowed and someone that says its not, just please fix your rules if its not even clear for your own support team. For example no value of life some support members say if your close to a corner you can run to it even with a gun pointed at the back of your head others say you can not, so can I or will I get banned even tho someone from your team said it was okey?
  3. Tiger

    Rule Change

    I dont think that should be a thing ''I would class that as'' it should be clear if something is allowed or not you cant have admins think its allowed and admins think its not
  4. Blackwasp for sale pm for offers

  5. Tiger

    All the best - Jay

    Have fun traveling bud
  6. Tiger

    tiger #4

    Don't worry about him, he's just a fan
  7. Congratulations number 7!

  8. Also your saying ingame ''I will see you in teamspeak mate''
  9. as I said in support I know I initiated and I was 1 meter away from you, please upload a 3 min vid with ingame sound and il happily comp all 4 of you guys. Also why did you guys combat store the hellcat?
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