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  1. Tiger

    couple of kills

    oooh I killed him I killed him oOoOoOoOoOoOohhhhh
  2. Tiger


    nah, never ever never
  3. Tiger

    A* In Initiation Class

    What gang isn't combat hungry? The "roleplay factions" are combat hungry. The only faction I could think of that isn't combat hungry are the Medics.
  4. Tiger

    Got a couple scopes.

    zobaris comment doesn't make sense lmao, why would I sell scopes here if you can buy them at rebel? 😂
  5. Tiger

    Got a couple scopes.

    did they?
  6. Tiger

    Got a couple scopes.

    Are they fully gone?
  7. Tiger

    Got a couple scopes.

    Got a couple sniper scopes LRPS AMS DMS Also got some CSATs Sent me DM if interested.
  8. Tiger

    Teamspeak push to talk

    prob something like w or left mouse button
  9. Tiger

    T o m - PhoenixRP #1 - The Return

    @Potter You must be a pro in making frag movies.
  10. Tiger

    Zafir and M320 LRR and CSAT

    0.01 Paypal
  11. Tiger

    Roaching 101

    Sitting in a DMT is definitely roaching.
  12. Ooh god, been here 2 years now.

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    2. ClemeX


      happy birthday

    3. Fox_Eagle


      bragging about not having a life jheeez

    4. Tiger


      @Fox_Eagle Sorry, who are you again?