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  1. tyler.b

    Vel For Governor

    +1 you've got my vote
  2. https://gyazo.com/7b3af36bf6fc53bdda1c6dc2190ae0aa
  3. @Ace Boyden all the best will miss your weirdness
  4. tyler.b

    Vel to Governor

    +1 you've got my vote
  5. @Matt +1 I dont know you the best but every time you have jumped in the channels you have always made everyone in the channel laugh and you are always there to have a good laugh with and every time i hear someone talking about you its always positive.
  6. tyler.b

    Minor Accident

    i payed a mill for the insurance for both helis hehe :)
  7. tyler.b

    Minor Accident

    Wasn't me hehe
  8. Another one yes mate you application has been ACCEPTED just come to waiting for interview and a RTD member will get that done
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