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  1. R E A P E R

    SINS | Open

    Looks nothing like my gang post 😕
  2. Don't hate plox ❤️
  3. I was in IIIIIIIIIIIII in this sit and i was in the back of the hatchback sport and i didn’t get out of the car
  4. = huron being chopped Just a pure fuck fest?
  5. Denied. Not what we are looking for and low amount of money. Accepted Come See Us On TeamSpeak When You Can
  6. R E A P E R


    Good Luck
  7. I was in this situation and we said we had a hostage but they kept shooting at us and shot 1 of our guys so they obviously didn't want to negotiate for the hostages life so we shot him. Alpha is bald did come to support when we got disputed, We were asking him what we did and he didn't try to resolve it with us and just said "I cba waiting for support" and just left.
  8. On Hold. We will get back to you soon.
  9. On Hold. We will get back to you soon.
  10. Denied Doesn't meet requirements. Reapply in 5days
  11. Could i get the part where i said the guys name which is apparently directed. It was not direct communication.
  12. I am sorry for what i have said and like cummy said nothing was directed at anyone, we were just getting annoyed with those guys constantly doing shitty things and nothing was said in-game.
  13. I heard he is shit at minecraft bedwars
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