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  1. Cuffee

    Guess Whos Back!

    He probably will never get unbanned because of what he did
  2. He's gonna make a tage of him shooting people in the back and robbing hobos
  3. Thats going in his tage
  4. Cuffee

    Ace Boyden | R6S Edit 3

    Ez win
  5. Cuffee

    Guess Whos Back!

    Sure. I'll have you know i am copper on r6 so you better be scared
  6. Cuffee

    Guess Whos Back!

    Sorry mate but who even are you? Stinky sano. PS Wait until i see your roaching ass on the server
  7. Cuffee

    Guess Whos Back!

    Ohhh its toookie, i've missed you me ol' laddy. I will be hoping to see you in-game so we can "roleplay"
  8. Cuffee

    Guess Whos Back!

    3 ^ JB 3 ^ Nigel Hello all its ya mad lad cuffee back to frag and roleplay with the lads.
  9. You mean the payment isn’t chapo guzman style?
  10. Like i’m sorry but all you can put in a appeal is how u were sorry and how you won’t do it again blah blah like what else, do you want me to copy and paste it a few more times or something ahh shit £5 and a freddo?
  11. Like cmon what are you really supposed to put Ahh you need a payment ?
  12. The same shit happened with jb, just because he had an opinion but the admins didn’t like it, like fucking hell @Kiran you are an adult not a fucking child act it
  13. Twat thing to do, ahh shit here comes the snowflake squad aka the phoenix community.
  14. Ngl you didnt have to wait 9 days just to put declined lack of effort Then warning point me for “bumping/spamming” my ban appeal just cuz you waste time
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