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  1. [mrk]William

    Stepping down from COM

    This ? is ? so ? sad ? No, but on a serious note good look with the future
  2. This is awfully one-sided but now im here I can defend myself. So my guy rolled up to me in his sports hatchback and crossing lanes multiple times he then jumps out his vehicle faces me with his gun out in combat stance and doesn't say a word so me and my Friend jumps out and ask him to place his hands up to where he jumps in his vehicle so we (tire initiate) he then jumps out sprays me before I even shoot his tires and gets shot by my friend. I find this awfully slanderous how you complain about me with no video evidence and don't tell the full story Edit: but if you feel like I did do anything wrong a discussion on TeamSpeak would've been more appropriate than calling me out on the forums @Kyro, Kyro mate at the end of the day it works both ways if you aren't gonna stop and chat to me after showing me your illegal weapon in plain sight im going to attempt to stop you, I even went as far as too tire initiate first even though I knew you were an imminent threat to my life but okay.
  3. [mrk]William

    under cover units

    + 1
  4. Havoc should not be able to become governor because why would anyone allow the terrorist state to have any say in the apcs lands
  5. like I've said I've learnt from my mistakes I really enjoy this server and it be a great shame if I could never play on it again so I assure you this will never happen again and about the banned bit I said I'm not paying these guys comp id rather get banned which I have apologised for in my post also i never said I didn't want to resolve it i said I didn't know how we could resolve it because I couldn't afford the comp they where asking for yes i was been cocky and rude at the time but I've really changed and hope you can see that I have and unban me. the nijr guys kept on saying he obviously wants to get banned if he's not paying the comp maybe that's what the staff member got confused with but if I really did say this which I can't remember too well it was like 3 days ago I really, really apologise for my actions and if I do something like this again just ban me and don't give me the chance to appeal because this server is the only arma server I play on quite literally and is be very saddening to get declined as I tried very hard on my appeal and told nothing but the truth i can assure you this will never happen again edit: but this isnt an excuse for my actions I promise you I will never do something like this again and I assure you-you won't be hearing from me in the ban appeal again because I really really want to play this server again I've also re-read the rules to make sure nothing like this ever happens again
  6. Time Submitted: 07:56:21 PM | 01/23/19 Submitted By: [mrk]William (6961) In-Game Name: [MRK]william Steam / Player ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198824133554/ Administrator who issued ban: Kiran Date of ban: 01/22/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: because I broke the value of life rule What reason was given for your ban? as listed above I broke the value of life rule Why should you be unbanned? because its the only server I really play on as its community is way less toxic than others. At the time I was just been extremely cocky and stupid at the time which I'm extremely sorry for I understand completely what did and it will not happen again I would like to apologise to clemex I think it was in TeamSpeak as I was been pretty rude in that too the staff as well as the initial reportee I would also like to apologise any staff/players time wasted/while you tried to resolve the situation I promise and assure you nothing like this will happen again after looking at the video of the scene I see I was in the wrong and hope you take unbanning me into consideration and at the end of the day I should.of shut up and paid the comp instead of stropping and leaving the call I sincerely apologise and hope we can just move on and leave this incident in the past and forgive despite my bad attitude at the time I've learnt from my mistakes and hope you can forgive me despite my attitude at the time your sincerely William What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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