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  1. Quizzle

    Cozza | Phoenix #3 | The Return

    You can't go around calling Havoc & APC bots mate when you haven't improved on yourself mate...... Nice monty cozza
  2. Quizzle

    Lester | Phoenix #6

    Hey dats preety good
  3. Quizzle

    SPARTAN | Recruiting

    Hey n00ms can you actually revive people and not paycheck farm but +1 nice gang n shitty but hilarious jokes
  4. Quizzle

    Rebound | Recruitment [Open]

    tf I didn't know embers was 16 lmao, gl ey
  5. inb4 Kevin and Matty P are laughing at us and selling our information and making 10mil irl lmao
  6. Quizzle

    Any poor players?

    im poor only 17mil
  7. Quizzle

    Back Stabbing Bastard | RECRUITING

    Right here bois
  8. Quizzle

    Strange lorry problems....

  9. Quizzle

    TiT | Titty's [OPEN]

    bobz n vagana?
  10. Quizzle

    Bounty System

    Don't make this another fucking Olympus server 1 vigi shack yikes It's also too op where you can get your friends bounties by turning them in
  11. Quizzle

    Suggestion - Fuel Stations & Airport

    It's wack getting robbed at the ath airport, but it shouldn't be a greenzone. -1
  12. Quizzle


  13. Quizzle

    Altis Freedom Force | Recruiting

  14. Quizzle

    To the PM...

    looks like TWC wasn't happy with that 4v3 mazi we did.....yikes I even praised you for your resilience and good marksmen skills.....y u do dis
  15. Quizzle

    Urgent Message to Citizens

    that castle sit was a meme from what i heard lmao 12 havoc vs 12 cops = cops win (we sometimes win) 3 havoc vs idfk like most of cp force = we win? tf is this sorcery