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  1. I'm not havoc lmao, But I like your idea for the limits though.
  2. Havoc doesn't need this rule because they're a rebel faction, a rebellion against a government with only around 60-ish people, and don't require being there for everything. Cops on the other hand, need to look active and ready to respond to gunshots etc. I like the midday rule, but would also like to to be added to the 10+ cop rule.
  3. Hades

    Nerf HAVOC

    HSF plays by their own rules, so they drop 7.62s to their choice pvts And cops don't need a nerf, as they are an constabulary of TFU
  4. Hi welcome to the Altis Police Department, a Constab of TFU. I hope you enjoy your death! +1 to the one-way taser stuff
  5. Oi matty your pee small +1 this boi gang
  6. no, frick you you mother fricker
  7. Oi craccoon word to the wise, a little birdie told me that no one really likes you in this gang
  8. Declined = Top shagger + small weiner
  9. KLW Has a small wiener
  10. The first time in a year have I seen someone say burgle in an sentence, +1
  11. Itty Bitty Titty Committee?
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