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  1. Killerabbit

    When your asked to do a quick delivery

    I got asked to drop some timber off. It did not go well... https://youtu.be/ZJyQwrBsuEE
  2. Killerabbit

    Strange lorry problems....

    My lorry had an odd problem this morning....
  3. Killerabbit

    Police community liaison team

    @Ashley Raven @Roy Lester You are correct, but at the same time all cops should respond to bank and gas station robbery's, they should patrol the drug fields and hostage situations, so why do we have special units for them?
  4. Killerabbit

    Police community liaison team

    I understand this isn't a suggestion traditionally ment for this section of the forums but I wanted to get the communitys thoughts on my proposal before I officially approach gold command. I want PCLT to be the glue between the police and the people of altis, in the spirit of that please feel free to suggest anything here that could be improved. PCLT proposal document
  5. Killerabbit

    Police station office

    I use the upstairs office in the police station all the time, I LOVE the RP you can have up there, interrogations, meetings I even perform strip searches up there (Not joking). But could we get a little more up there? Laptops/computers and most importantly a light? It would make it so much better! Please!
  6. Killerabbit

    Realistic day night cycle

    My intention is we should have to deal with night less lol
  7. Killerabbit

    Realistic day night cycle

    It could just be me but I hate the day night cycle, it's been my biggest bug bear of every Altis life server i've been on. The worst part about them is it's ALWAYS night when you log on, it's like fate that you must be condemned to a life in the dark. I ain't batman. I don't want no night time in the day time. What I propose is a real day night cycle, with the time set either an hour or two behind GMT so it goes fully dark about midnight. I think it will add an element of realism that no other server has, It would create a realistic and more natural feeling of progression throughout the evening. Not just that but arma is at its most beautiful in the evening / dusk time, something we don't get to see enough.
  8. Killerabbit

    Continuous item placement

    That was the idea that I had in my head, it could be a separate button or something else, so long as the ability to repeatedly place the same objects down is there.
  9. Killerabbit

    Continuous item placement

    The current item placement system is great, but has one flaw; if you want to create a roadblock, bring a road down to one lane or cordon off an area you need to keep going back into the system selecting what you need and coming back out again. What I would like to see is when you press space to place the object you would still have the item in your hands ready to place a second or third one. This would make setting up scenes so much quicker and fun. simply scrolling and canceling would stop the placements. I cant be the only person who would love this feature?