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  1. Killerabbit

    Magic lorry suddenly appears

    Let me know next time your around
  2. Killerabbit

    Magic lorry suddenly appears

    I'm guessing you have been?
  3. Killerabbit


    But also not your worst?
  4. Killerabbit


    Please share, this is just the start, there is so much more to come
  5. Killerabbit


    I created a new channel! Please consider subscribing! It would really help!
  6. Killerabbit

    SPARTAN | Recruiting

    In Game Name : John Reese Age : 34 Steam ID (E.g. 76561197960287930) : 76561197982911845 How many hours do you have in Arma : 9518 Why would you like to join The Spartans : To bring the Altis government to its knees. They will pay for what they have done. Have you got any other commitments on the server (The Police, Havoc, AMS Or No Other Commitments) : Police
  7. Killerabbit

    What hardware u roll with

    Core i7 8700 32gb ram 2x GTX 1080 in SLi 3 SSDs and 1 X 2tb HDD Might not sound especially amazing given what other people have listed but since it has all been squeezed into a 17" laptop it means I can game at all times.
  8. Killerabbit

    Need a partner to help grow my YouTube channel

    Sounds good, what time you on?
  9. I'm looking to give my HGV driving videos a little bit more attention but I need someone to help me grow the channel. Would this interest anyone?
  10. Killerabbit

    Speed limit signs

    @Retro Lad so how about agios? Is that a main town? Technically statium is apart of Kavala Our, that whole area is, it's a city. It's mostly industrial and doesn't have a town name. So again I ask, what is the speed limit there? In addition this came from a spreadsheet, if a new player was traveling up the main highway how would they know?
  11. Killerabbit

    Speed limit signs

    @Retro Lad Whats the speed limit past Stadium Fuel Station?
  12. Killerabbit

    Speed limit signs

    We need speed limit signs along the main highway from Kavala to the border, how can we hand out tickets for speeding if people (including police) are unaware of the actual speeds they should be doing. I don't think every road should have it just the main highway and possibly the road the Athira.
  13. Killerabbit

    Another HGV driving video

    Yeah, cement run. Couldn't find the processor though.
  14. Killerabbit

    Another HGV driving video

    I know some of you have been interested in watching me drive so I've made another video, if you like let me know, I'm not sure if I should make this a thing...