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  1. Mystic

    Well deserved, hope to see good things x

    1. Paddy McCarthy

      Paddy McCarthy

      I hope to provide :) 

  2. Mystic

    Bye bye

    Yeah @Niko., lose the ego!!!
  3. Time Submitted: 12:03:58 AM | 05/21/20 Submitted By: Mystic (6912) In-Game Name: M / Mystic Steam / Player ID: 76561198258721144 Date of Event: 05/21/20 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://gyazo.com/5ee48e6c6ef9f5e96973352ec74df407 | https://gyazo.com/44dce3c03cf2289dfdd0f8da7f1833aa Details of Event: Well, it's pretty much explained in the first gyazo, not really sure what happened. Compensation Amount: Scuba - 7.5k Carrier Rig - 50k Carryall - 10k MK1 - 350k I'd say 26 ish mags (As some were pretty empty) - 78k Total - £495,500 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  4. Ted and Stephen play very frequently, and fisher and Cryant give good perspectives of things, even if they don't play often. They help a lot with outside stuff.
  5. Mystic


    Can you make it an audio book? I'd buy it!
  6. Mystic

    Altis Life Suggestions - Red zones

    Yeah this. Don't move runs into the zone, just makes robbing them way too easy, as you can just kill them without any interaction.
  7. Mystic

    Server Pop

    It defo effected the playerbase slightly, but isn't the main issue. I don't think the lockdowns easing has effected it either, because lockdown is still pretty much in place to everyone in schools... Some people still don't need to work either. Other big servers still manage over 100+ players everyday, even at nights, can reach at least 80. Phoenix has so much potential to be an amazing server, it just lacks the players. Having another faction brung those small amounts of people to do something other than be a cop or rebel. Although HAVOC was quite inactive in it's last month, it still had those 5+ players everyday who wanted something different.
  8. Mystic

    Server Pop

    SKY and Maxmillian had a great concept idea for a second faction, but some things should be different from their original. Something that has outposts, and not a checkpoint. The whole structure of HAVOC was good, but the checkpoint was quite bland and repetitive. And although it offered multiple opportunities for roleplay to take place, it was boring. A faction simply there to help whoever they decide to, with slightly more leeway to do things, would be good.
  9. Someone suggested a dynamic rotation before, but it was denied for some reason. It's a really good idea, and I don't see what impact it would have on the server. And the idea of having two, but only one contains gold is pretty cool. Just having a rotation of banks between Domes and Neochori (Or other locations if suggested) is a good enough thing to implement.
  10. Time Submitted: 09:51:11 PM | 05/11/20 Submitted By: Mystic Forum ID: 6912 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Two Banks What Is Your Suggestion: Basically, the idea is having two banks - Idea by Jay Harvey, but he has no fingers so can't write it out. Adding the Neochori bank back to the server, but instead of it containing gold bars, it contains 'Bonds'. They can sell for less, and you need the default amount of cops usually required for a major crime (10) Alongside this, having the current bank at the domes, containing gold bars, but requires 20 cops online, and the sell price for gold to be increased. (Economist Dmitry can sort that out) so it sells for a reasonable amount for the difficulty it will be. - Can be reduced to 15 on-duty cops if 20 seems too high. The reason for this adds more diversity around major crimes, and as some people like the Neo bank, and others like the domes. Could also allow smaller gangs to have a chance at a smaller sized bank area, helping them win. APC restrictions could also be in place about the amount that can respond to the Neochori bank, and if it should be based around just standard officers (Not allowing TPU or CTU to respond to the Neochori bank).
  11. Mystic


  12. Mystic

    Twitch Gamers!!

    https://clips.twitch.tv/PatientVibrantNoodleNotLikeThis https://clips.twitch.tv/RespectfulRacyYakinikuVoHiYo
  13. Support btw.......

  14. The whole concept is cool, but spawning with any sort of weapon just encourages people to constantly combat/ be ready for it. Especially prestige 10, a fully automatic SMG. Anyone could just use their rook, Zubr or SMG to kill a fully loaded dude and bang, they have a free gearset after paying nothing at all.
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