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  1. You gotta keep it quiet man @Zaka Riya🤫
  2. Mystic

    Wong Out

    Sad to see it mate, enjoy your life x Majestic Dave is always with you
  3. you don't want that, i'll put you in a spliff lad
  4. Hi there

  5. No one will ban anyone for voicing their opinion Also, the Management are working hard to add a new faction, and it's in the works currently. They're making sure everything is perfect, and not rushed, so it can be implemented nicely. Yes HAVOC was unique, but I personally don't think adding it back will help the server. With a fresh faction, it has the chance to revive it. But I do agree that HAVOC offered that unique experience to the server, and was definitely an amazing thing on phoenix. You just gotta give it time, nothing else really.
  6. Mystic


    You wish I was 😉
  7. Mystic


    Yup, just gotta wait @Bandit, but you're blacklisted from it anyway.
  8. Mystic

    so true

    Don't take it to heart MAISTRO, it's only a joke
  9. The exact reason there are problems 🤦‍♂️
  10. You mention the 'whole APC', but this is legit an issue with you and a few members of the APC... You and this 'group' of officers continuously bounce off one another, and act like children. It do be kinda pathetic. Sort it between you and this 'group', instead of shitting on the whole APC Like Mike said earlier, and how it's always addressed; if an officer is acting bad, take it to PCC. From my experiences in PCC, there's no biased towards anyone, if you have evidence and can defend your point, why should they not agree with you? I'm also ngl, the roleplay that you consider to be 'good', must be a bad standard that you represent. I've roleplayed with you guys at local banks before, and on your end, it's not exactly the best. If you provide good roleplay to the cops, and respect them, you'll get the same back. It's as simple as that. You know this, and it's pretty simple to see; you guys are only here to make the experience shit for the APC. I don't experience this with your group (IZR), but it's something that is easily noticeable from videos, etc. That's all I gotta say, build your relationship better with this 'group' of people within the APC, and you might actually find some fun on the server with eachother. xx
  11. Mystic

    Seya Later Gamers

    In abit gamer o7
  12. Is this the real George? 

    sign my steam and forums pls x

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