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  1. I'll just skip clip-to-clip because that's great... Dead ass boring with shitty skips lmao, nothing is wrong with the transitions.
  2. @CRACCOON That’s a pretty hard song lmao @@
  3. It was originally 2 minutes ish, but got a lot of clips that were pretty decent on the gang wars last week. So why not just make it a large montage? I can confirm I do not alt + f10 every clip
  4. The song is good, don't disrespect it.
  5. +1 Adding a few more locations doesn’t harm anyone, maybe suggest what areas you’d like to see them at in the replies to help Mr. Zyn out.
  6. Mystic

    bandit again

    Bye baby mystic xx Quite upset I don’t have an individual tag
  7. Wow! Paddy McCarthy has a great coach! Still a bot tho
  8. I don't see why it shouldn't be implemented, if people want to attend it they can, if not, they're not forced to...
  9. Nothing irrelevant on the thread please 😃
  10. +1 I don’t see a problem with this, especially it being only one day, possibly the whole weekend. Might boost player population a little bit.
  11. @Ben Shardlow [TR5417] Roleplaying?
  12. Mystic

    3 days

    If you have 'witnessed' this behaviour I'd suggest talking to the Staff leads? People 'report' these things but never actually REPORT them to the people who need to see them. Your feedback is basically useless without any proof/report. You can give the server feedback, but if you don't even attempt to help it, where can it improve?
  13. Been waiting too long for this.
  14. Mystic

    havoc quillin

    Huh? It's literally adding something for rebels to chop and earn money? Hello? HAVOC doesn't have a problem keeping them at £0, doesn't bother us.
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