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  1. Does this mean its fixed now?

  2. I am sorry but i can't give compensation for your stuff because i did not break a rule i am happy to discuss this with an admin to see if they have a difference of opinion from me but unless they tell me that i did break a rule i cannot just give out money like that. Hope you understand i will wait in support room now. @John Wolf
  3. I asked you twice in the side chat that if you felt that i had broken a rule to please dispute me and i would happily come to support and sort it out with you. I never received a dispute from you so i didn't come to support. I asked you to put your hands on your head for your own safety and mine because i have been in multiple active situations where someone like yourself that seems unarmed suddenly pulls out a rook or some other pistol and kills me while i am distracted with the main fight. You then put you hands down even though no-one told you to do so and then me and my friend starts receiving accurate gunfire from the Kavala church. In my mind you could have been relaying information to the people shooting at us so again i asked you to put your hands up or be shot because i didn't really want to kill you as you seemed nice and unarmed but with the fact i am not wearing armour and only have 4 mags in my gun i didn't want the possibility that you could be telling them where i was. I gave you 5 seconds to comply but your response, despite already putting your hands up once with no problems, was to start for some reason stalling instead of putting your hands up. I also asked you twice before i gave you the 5 second warning to put your hands up as shown in your own video. 4.17(Original instance of me telling you to put hands up) / 4.41(When you put your hands down i asked you to put them back up again) / 4.45 (I asked you to place your hands up for your own safety) / 4.52(Lethal initiation because you didn't comply to my orders to put your hands up on 2 separate occasions before this. Again i told you it is for your own safety as i really didn't want to shoot you. as shown in your video.) From the moment i lethal initiated on you there was 14 full seconds between the time in initiated to the time you died. In reality this is ample time for you to put your hands up or at least say something like "I have forgotten how to do it" In which case i would have told you 2 RDM - RDM is shooting, using rubber bullets, using a taser, knocking someone out and/or killing another player without adhering to Roleplay Standard and Valid Initiation. You must give the other party enough time to comply with your demands and consider their actions before you engage. You are not permitted to execute a person if you were not involved in the incapacitation of that person. RDM does not count as initiation. 2.9 Roleplay Standard - You must always keep a high level of roleplay standard when playing. We understand that each situation you approach may be different and will apply common sense when enforcing this rule. It's hard for us to outlive every phrase that is not acceptable, but as a rule of thumb: "If you think it's not a High Roleplay Standard it probably isn't." This rule is not just limited to when you are initiating, it's here to promote high levels of roleplay with whatever you are doing. Examples of low standard of roleplay are as followed: Initiating without quality roleplay before or after, if able, will be considered low roleplay standard. Constantly initiating and killing everyone you see will be classed as low roleplay standard. Taser initiating on someone holding a firearm in their hands or tasing without roleplay and prior warning that you are going to tase them is considered low roleplay standard. Hostages must be taken with a high standard of roleplay throughout the hostage taking. For example, killing the hostage when they are following demands without a roleplay reason, or leaving the hostage for extensive periods of time (10 minutes +) without interaction is not allowed If you still feel that i broke either of these rules please do not hesitate to contact me on discord at BladeForged#9336 or add me on steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/bladeforged/ I am sorry that i had to shoot you but in the heat of the moment and the fact that i was getting shot at from a long distance away i needed the area clear for the safety of my gang and myself i hope you understand.
  4. Im just sitting here wondering when I will get a response on my support application does anyone know how long it takes usually?

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    2. Roy


      If you have not received a response within 30 days then your application has been declined.Β Β REQUIRED

    3. BladeForged


      i hope i do get accepted i actually spent time at 4 in the morning writing that application

    4. Γ‘iḴØŠ


      My 12+ applications haven't got a response yet It's been more than a year now hahahha

  5. Lets make memes great again

  6. Name: BladeForged Age: 20 Hours on Arma: 1808 Previous Gangs: AMC, AEX, SPN, BSB, OOGA, HFFH Number of bans: 12ish i think. Can't remember all the times. What Country are you from: United Kingdom Why you want to join the gang: To initiate on the memelords cause blade is bored. Also i wanna camp advanced as seen here. why should we accept you into the gang: You should accept me because i am famous on the server and loved by everyone. 😁
  7. gotta love how everyone is getting triggered at a meme at least the staff lead saw the funny side of the suggestion. also i would've comped for gear if i was allowed to but i just got banned instead
  8. Im kinda bored after the recent unban phase that has happened and now the server is full of people initiating on everyone for the purpose of just being frag hungry and people taking you to support after they ram your plane for no reason . To enhance the roleplay perspective I think that roleplaying as a terrorist should be allowed such as collapsing the HAVOC towers in cp. If its not in a green zone then it should be able to be crashed into and destroyed. Here is an example as to how fun it is to destroy the havoc towers. Watch how an admin is instantly there to ban me. However when someone is on a mass RDM spree they are never present
  9. imagine quoting rules that are never enforced
  10. makes server experience very fun when you go to advanced, check the coast is clear and then there is GEN Sync hiding next to the vendor πŸ˜„ understand its a red zone but it is just scummy af Lets start a 4 page forum post on memes
  11. i put it on my profile now https://gyazo.com/b04139d7223573e29ae4c41a4158b8a0
  12. i kinda love how this was posted in memes https://gyazo.com/3190cdf561a7bc1b23537db12d92fc1b
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