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  1. Anyone wanting to ask questions or suggest any policy changes. I will be hosting a session at the residence this Friday in order to get answers out to you all.
  2. Time Submitted: 11:43:08 PM | 02/17/20 Submitted By: BladeForged Forum ID: 6905 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: APCS FOR THE APC What Is Your Suggestion: Watch video for information https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm61tS9oQJ0
  3. you still do not seem to get it I DID NOT SEE YOU -The player initiating must be visible to the players they are initiating on so they can confirm you have a lethal weapon. I did not see you so the initiation was invalid its simple i really don't understand why you are trying to complicate it. I could not see you and neither did my friend if you had stayed standing up for a couple of seconds after you had finished initiating then it would have been valid cause i would have spotted you. To me it sounded like you were a lot closer to the command building than the DMT so thats why i was zooming out to look around and then moved to the stairs to cover so no one could push up. You could clearly see that i had no idea where you was when i started to move to the edge near the stairs because i was looking in the opposite direction. If i cannot see you how can i know that you are not just some hobo that has spawned nearby in a house and has ran here. So what your saying is that i have no common sense and that because i do not possess common sense that the initiation rule then becomes invalid??? With this statement you have just confirmed that you know that i did not see your gun which it states in the rule 3.1 Player Initiation The player initiating must be visible to the players they are initiating on so they can confirm you have a lethal weapon. Also after watching your "edit" of your video why did you cut out the part when you killed me and my friend as i believe that is an important part of the evidence. I know why you cut the video due to the racial profanity that could be heard but why did you cut the deaths out. To me it seems like you could see where i was coming from when i said i turned away at the end and wanted to try and omit that part because you know that you did wrong.
  4. Time Submitted: 07:35:16 PM | 02/17/20 Submitted By: BladeForged (6905) Your In-Game Name: BladeForged Who are you reporting?: Simon Ross Time/Date of event: 18:30 ish 17/02/2020 Rule's Broken: 3.1 Player Initiation - Initiating on another player and/or group can only happen through Direct Chat and must be clear enough for the other party to hear. Valid Initiation: Saying "You will be shot" or "I will kill you" or threatening to knock someone out while holding a lethal firearm while adhering to roleplay standard is valid player initiation. If someone states they will shoot you or rubber bullet you while adhering roleplay standard is valid player initiation. Saying you will shoot someone's tires whilst holding a firearm is considered valid player initiation. If negotiations are called off, the parties involved have valid player initiation after 15 seconds You must give sufficient time to allow the other player to comply with your demands. The player initiating must be visible to the players they are initiating on so they can confirm you have a lethal weapon. Invalid Initiation: APC sirens/lights and spike strips are not considered to be initiation. You may not initiate on another person/group whilst you are sitting in any vehicle. You may not initiate on your own group or faction members. Exceptions can be made in cases where a third party would not be affected and is adhering to the roleplay standard rule. 1.2 RDM - RDM is shooting, using rubber bullets, using a taser, knocking someone out and/or killing another player without adhering to Roleplay Standard and Valid Initiation. You must give the other party enough time to comply with your demands and consider their actions before you engage. You are not permitted to execute a person if you were not involved in the incapacitation of that person. RDM does not count as initiation. Explain what happened: Logged onto the server to collect a vehicle I had won at auction and afterwards took my helicopter to fly upto a rebel hideout that a gang member was capturing landed on the helipad and ran over to the command hq building and started shouting to scare my friend. I then thought that i would just wait and protect him while he geared up then i would log off to go play tarkov with another friend. Upon taking a combat stance to make myself low to the wall i heard someone initiating however i did not see anyone around so started to scan the landscape. If you look at the timestamp 0:42-0:43 in simons video (linked below) you can clearly tell that i had no idea where he was as he quickly crouched down after finishing talking taking himself out of my vision before i looked up the dmt. At the timestamp in my video 1:23 you can barely see simons head poking out of second platform of the dmt. I had to watch back the video 3 times and only spotted him when simon messaged me in teamspeak and told me he was sitting there. -The player initiating must be visible to the players they are initiating on so they can confirm you have a lethal weapon. At the time of the incident i did not see him at all and neither did my gang member next to me. After watching the video back multiple times and zooming in on where his head pokes up i could not see a weapon also. The Admin dealing with the case, spawnthedeath confirmed that he did not see a weapon also. After we were both killed my gang member said he didn't even hear any initiation. In the discord i was in at the time some of the members like to use soundboards so i didn't know if i was being trolled by them. In simons video when i am killed i am facing the other way clearly showing to him from his perspective that i had not seen him. I did not want to take this to a player report but simons persistence that he did nothing wrong and refused to see my side of the story as well as trying to avoid a support case by telling me that it was a waste of time after talking with spawn i decided that a player report was the only way to get another staff members opinion on it. https://gyazo.com/32ec9cdbd271a0fb7d1e3344fb816692 https://gyazo.com/fe548a3bc2757951effd310590fbc3dd Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Simons video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MgR-N6pKMU&feature=youtu.be&t=34 My video : https://medal.tv/clips/19591331/d1337dpzmL1k Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: spawnthedeath
  5. Item Name: y-32 Xi'an (Infantry Transport) Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/4a914fa56d8c3e8ad581e1f16d0e313b Minimum Bid / Starting Bid: 50mill Minimum Increment: 500k End Date: 15/02/2020 Buy it Now price: 63mil Being resold as the highest bidder has left the community
  6. Before you go @Alex Gammon https://gyazo.com/7234b407095b6832807613e84bb9983b https://gyazo.com/6b85d7dcda6ab6ac8b7dcb3a6c5b5525 i belive i am owed 63mil
  7. i would bid but you would spend the money on more pot noodles
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