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  1. You could just wipe the server since barely anyone ever plays give people a chance to come back / gain new experiences. since everyone has a clean slate might be more fun
  2. Loaf

    『R』 | Ridge | OPEN

    Idek tbf
  3. Loaf

    Enjoy me buying 100 quad bikes.. yay watch ;)

    Talk about bored ...
  4. Not getting your monies worth then mate .
  5. Time Submitted: 01:11:14 PM | 05/25/20 Submitted By: Loaf Forum ID: 6900 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Garage storage time What Is Your Suggestion: Remove the time it takes to store a vehicle it's honestly the most useless addition. Not to mention it's pointless and annoying. Let me just waste 10 seconds of my life storing a virtual vehicle . Why was this even added ?
  6. Loaf


  7. Time Submitted: 10:16:32 PM | 05/20/20 Submitted By: Loaf Forum ID: 6900 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Server wipe What Is Your Suggestion: Reset the server / wipe everything to make the player base increase
  8. Loaf


  9. Wipe the server honestly
  10. Do it no balls, should just fully wipe the server in my opinion give everyone a fresh start .
  11. Loaf

    Server Pop

    This brings a tear to my cheek that you do not remember the Great Ted Shark
  12. Loaf

    Server Pop

    Why would I play when there's only 13 ? What am I gonna do waste my time doing runs ... For what ? Who am I meant to interact with ? Why would I play on this server when there's legit no one playing ? You're acting like it's fun to play on a low pop server, you also think that if I came on it would make a difference but in the end the server would still be dead ... Simple as if Phoenix wants to have more players or a more active community one or more things needs to happen A) A mass unban. B) New features or Faction. C) Make runs provide just a bit more money. D) Get cops to change the way they work and seek more roleplay within situations than attempting to resolve the situation with combat . E) Get rid off ban hungry admins F) Instead of bans use reputation point more often and instead of going into support and getting comp, make the person learn a lesson or make them go out of their way to read the rules so that they can maintain a good playing standard making all experiences fun for every party on the server . Some of these generally need to happen because the server pop will never rise and maintain itself . Phoenix will forever be locked to an inconsistent player base.
  13. Loaf

    Server Pop

    Or you just don't ban people because you have the power to... 13 Players online at 3pm During lockdown still active within the UK Says something rt....
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