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  1. Time Submitted: 10:12:34 AM | 10/21/19 Submitted By: Bear Shark (6900) In-Game Name: BiGBOi Steam / Player ID: 76561198206576113 Administrator who issued ban: Nizwald Date of ban: 10/17/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned for VDM + Reputation What reason was given for your ban? VDM Why should you be unbanned? I understand what I have done wrong , and have spent my time reading phoenix's server rules to have a better understanding what's acceptable and what is not . I have also reviewed the footage of the situation that occurred and have seen what was wrong with it . I believe I should be unbanned due to the fact I did want to resolve the player report however whilst I was at work Morgan carried on arguing the case therefore clearing showing that he believed he was right , due to this Viktor pushed for punishment due to the rule break . I've been given 3 week ban due to my reputation as well as the case added a week ban . I really have decided to spend my time revisiting the server rules as well as looking at some of my previous bans / punishments on the server and decided to make it a lesson . So that I wouldn't break any rules or do something that is considered wrong on the server . I really wish to return to this community as a better player , that knows the rules and whats right and whats wrong . I hope you consider my appeal and give me a chance to play on the server again . I really mean for myself to return to the server with a better understanding for the rules and I hope I can show that . What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): https://phoenixrp.co.uk/topic/28698-player-report-morgantat-gang-101619-altis-life/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-156998
  2. We kicked sync btw hoping to rework our gang now and get a better image .
  3. I haven’t gotten on yet , I should be on in an hour or two I’ll give your comp you can have my word . U can close the case Or if u want just remove me from it and I can give u the half the money since Morgan is arguing his point
  4. I’ll be on later today around 4pm gmt , if I am earlier I’ll send it to you , what will be your in game name ?
  5. I’m just trying to make a point I’m fine to comp you mate , I really don’t want to receive any punishment or any - rep points . I get why you’re frustrated about the situation but I had the same exact thing happen to me and I got jack shit from it If we can leave this sit and pretend it never happend , make sure no rep points are taken away nor warning points given I’m down to give comp
  6. How can you blame me for vdm when you kept on driving into the back of the car when you could’ve just turned , do you not understand that this situation was unintentional and occurred because you couldn’t just turn yet instead just carried on driving into our car ? How can it be vdm when I didn’t drive into you yet you decided to hit into the back of my car
  7. As of that as I’ve stated before you could’ve easily turned a different direction , you could’ve braked cuz no one was behind you . But you drove into us . No one in that video states oh yeah let’s vdm them , let’s Desync ram them . Legit we never wanted to as we was trying to get your diamonds and not blow up your trucks
  8. I had the same thing happen to me before from another gang , they pulled up in front of me I wasn’t slowing down and they stopped accelerating in front of me so they would make me hit them , when I went into support it wasn’t classed as vdm because I was driving into them .
  9. Mate , honestly in my video you can literally hear me saying don’t try to Desync ram or brake check , not to mention I had to explain legit what Desync and brake checking is . It wasn’t intentional so I don’t understand how you’re trying to force that down my own throat if anything it was by accident . Also we tried to get you to slow down by going in front of you or get you to move to the left or right so you lost your speed and also to get initiation on you , so that we could shoot out your tires , so that we could steal your diamonds . This whole situation is a misunderstanding so I don’t understand you can go and say to me that I Intentionally did this to you , why would I try to break rules when I legit just got unbanned ? Why would I and tried to get myself reported ? Like that’s dumb mate honestly .
  10. Then why have our names been brought to it ? Also may I add that Calvin was in our gang earlier today and decided to take footage from this sit he wasn’t involved and also In attempt to use it against us ? Therefore why is he even commenting on this case considering he was never involved in the sit ? I’m pretty sure that’s against forums rules ?
  11. do you also have any footage from earlier as we did try to initiate on you before and would like to see if that was made , because if it was , then you really didnt value your life . We wasn't trying to initiate from vehicles either . We know this is not valid
  12. there was multiple occasions where you couldve stopped or turned differently . You could've maybe also stopped considering there was so many vehicles following you .
  13. May I add , why would we try to risk desync ramming you when we are trying to steal your diamonds not blow you up ? We are trying to rob you not make you lose the diamonds we are trying to steal , therefore this wasn't intentional thats why we do apologise for the situation .
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