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  1. #freeupthemontages

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    2. Lester


      Recently we have had a influx of people posting "Frag" videos. Now we all understand this is a Roleplay server and we always preach using your words over bullets, however everyone has fun in different ways.

      We have no intention of "Banning" these videos from being shared with the community. However going forward, all posts in this section will have to be approved by a Staff Member +. All you need to do is create a post and Staff Members will be made aware.

      If your video contains any rule break, please ensure to leave a comment saying if it was resolved so Staff are aware. We hope that this is a good step forward for the community and hope everyone understand why we are doing this.

      If you are clearly breaking rules in your video, Staff Members will reach out to you either via TeamSpeak or Forum message. So long as a situation was resolved we will not remove the post, however if it was not resolved action against you will be taken.



      We are not here to censer this side of the community, we just want to make sure the right types of videos are being shared on this platform.

    3. Cozza


      @Josh. how do you know they’ve been banned from forums , from that post above they are still allowed 

    4. Josh.


      @Cozza I have waited 2 weeks for it to be approved I asked admin max and he said that “there banned by management”

  2. Why cant we have frag montages on the forms no more? @Conner Merlin @Badger

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    2. Cozza


      Kinda dead if they implement this , I enjoy watching them now and then

    3. Lester


      Yeah its BS

    4. Josh.



  3. Josh.

    Nerve | Recruitment

    gl lads
  4. Josh.

    More back packs

    yep i 100% agree
  5. Josh.

    More back packs

    At the moment ever since the whitelist for SCO19 has been put in all cops have is a big as back pack of you ask me coos should have a lot more back packs Bec as a cop it really does depend on were your going and what they will be used for such as a leg strap would be good so that we can carry Medkits and not have to worry about having a cross hair the size of my hole screen and maybe some other smaller back pack so that it can also be used in softener cits such as a samaller back pack would give us a chance to carry for that 9 mags and not be worried about how much our sway is and it would also be good for roleplay Bec when a civ takes a cop hostage and looks in his back pack the shit you can fit in the Bergen I think you can fit like 50+ 5.56 mags in there
  6. Josh.

    Majazuri Xfactor Audition

    you need to sing this full song
  7. Josh.

    Origin | Recruitment | Open

    +1 mates with me and fury
  8. this guy was in HSOS 


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    2. Bandit
    3. ivy


      Typical Phoenix montage 🤷‍♂️

    4. spodre


      he took it down lmao


  9. Josh.

    Origin | Recruitment | Open

    Yep AFO was a gang
  10. Josh.

    💛Phoenix #3💛

    na it is the real majed
  11. Josh.

    Origin | Recruitment | Open

    -1 pipes up to much