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  1. Josh .


    IGN: J O S H Age/Country: 17 Bank balance: 57m Previous gangs/Faction units: what is the factions on this server? Hours on Arma *screenshot: 5k Can any members vouch for you (no trials)?: all of the gang
  2. Josh .


    Fake Fallen clone
  3. I think I have found my self a new leader @lucanova
  4. Name: Josh . Age: 17 Hours on Arma: 5.1k Opinions on Brexit: +1 Why Do you want to join LoTUK ?: Got mates in the gang How will letting you in the gang benefit LoTUK ?: im slow like a sloth so i can kill people with my 100 DPI Whats your whip status: My Mums car ethnicity: part Arabic
  5. Josh .

    Nerf CP

  6. Josh .

    sniper Scopes

    ??????????????? sniper for Spec base lol i wish i could see past 2 solar towers xD
  7. Josh .

    sniper Scopes

    Ok so at this moment in time his server has been on and off sniper Scopes more times than I can remember there was a time we’re they had them all then only DMS to now we’re i don’t really know if there is even Scopes in air drop anymore I think Havoc and the APC should get DMS/AMS and rebels should get LRPS (Only) I just think that atm a lot of people still like to snip and I do think it is aids at times but there does need to be a chance to see if this will work
  8. Josh .

    Nerf CP

    Havoc have had many Cp over the past year they have gone to have 3 dmt and a bridge to having 2 dmt to have a little shit CP to now having 4 bunkers (which for a distance you can’t see them peek from) and like 6 dear stands they have even made it so you can’t hop drop Bec there is Anti hot drop polls like ever we’re and having gates that only you can get out and run through having this CP atm is almost impossible to push but havoc do like to hard peek so not that bad at time xD (Jk) just saying that if I was a rebel wanting to push a Cp that I can’t even get through the front gate is stupid
  9. If havoc Have 20 on like most days I think this is amazing that the faction has gone for having 5-6 on at a time to there slots being full if you ask me this is a great thing. But what I would like to have is The mane Unit spec base to get a DMT or a Buff Bec at the moment it is 900m away for CP and all it has is a ATC that you can’t even shoot the Glass out.
  10. IGN [In game Name]: @spodre Age: 14 Bank Balance [Must Have Screenshot] 190m Hours [Must Have Screenshot] Previous Gangs Cops, GG, SMG, AK47, Cops, HAVOC and NHS What Can You Bring To The Gang: roleplay and someone who is good at shooting people in the back
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