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  1. Josh.

    Lester | Phoenix #6

    nice .
  2. 35 days left 

    1. Alexander


      Good for you and thank you for sharing this with the rest of the community.

    2. Josh.
  3. Josh.

    Cobra Phoenix 4 | Probably Last

    Lol still trying to boost the montage ok ok
  4. Josh.

    Lucanova | Fragmovie 8

    https://gyazo.com/a7303f7450ee0aefdc6fca0a138a3ff3 plz no ban xoxo
  5. Josh.

    Rebound | Recruitment [Open]

    What you and Callum haha Any says good luck lads see you in 37 days
  6. Josh.

    Rebound | Recruitment [Open]

    Ohhhhhhh no Cozza not this gang again you seen how long we lasted before @^Tommy
  7. Josh.

    Cobra Phoenix 4 | Probably Last

    I have the same thing people call me the terminator
  8. Josh.

    Simmo | Phoenix #3

    Did you even get a double?
  9. Josh.


    I am on Phoenix.Rp ts I am in public lounge 2 with this guy named Bob he says he has 5 hours on arma and is new to the sever can he come too ?
  10. Josh.


    What does a mean I dont understand and you type it so I know I have dyslexia you know
  11. Josh.


  12. Josh.

    Cobra Phoenix 4 | Probably Last

    Your lock will probs not be the same as this