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  1. Josh.

    cartel + gang base

    sorry i forgot you was a R-O-L-E-P-L-A-Y-E-R
  2. Josh.

    Oddity | Open

    good luck dandy with oddity again.
  3. Josh.

    cartel + gang base

    No cobra I like to kill people on sight when they spawn
  4. Josh.

    SCO-19 VS HSOS

    -1 for what you did all back your mates
  5. Josh.

    small frag vid

    Mate @Lucanova this kid is god no joke like can you sigh my steam before you get famous from your Arma 3 gamer career gets to big
  6. No joke can you put up a good montage we’re it last longer that 2 mins and you don’t put ever clip you get in it like this sounds like someone else I know hmmm...
  7. Josh.

    Server issues..

  8. Josh.

    Server issues..

    You say this but look at some of the other community like the biggest ones at the moment 2 of them are all to do with combat. It is hard to say this with out simply advertising or saying there named but we all know the community’s were talking about as 1 of them every Saturday they do a base wars and if you ask me this is one of the funnies days of my week we all go in a red zone alway for anyone that does not want to fight an we fight it out all restart and I think this community should do something like that something to do that is only to do with combat but away from people that still want to Roleplay. Abd the 2 community has been around since arma 3 came out is has so much to do with combat and yes I will agree the server I’m talking about can be aids af when you get killed by another wared gang but look at this community for a min they have been around for ages and they don’t Roleplay. Mate all I ’m trying to say is @Kevin give us a bit of everything. Roleplay and combat
  9. Josh.

    Server issues..

    +1 I want to war havoc and I don’t want the server to die
  10. Josh.

    Arma 3 Logic

    mate all i cant say to that is "Welcome to arma 3"
  11. Josh.

    SCO19 meme

  12. Josh.

    Delete Please

    any ways gl with the gang not the name tho
  13. Josh.

    Delete Please

    again must have been a shit gang i did not even know about it was it a 1 week gang?