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  1. J0sh

    crazed phoenix last

    Nice. But my MK200 Clip when you only got 1 that shit was so funny
  2. J0sh

    Catnip #1

  3. Time Submitted: 05:33:06 PM | 09/20/18 Submitted By: J0sh (690) In-Game Name: Josh Steam / Player ID: 76561198059605783 Administrator who issued ban: Zinner Date of ban: 09/20/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned when my gang logged into the server and we were going to go to CP and as a joke we all had a few names that were a bit fishy that 100% we our faults and i do apologize for this. my ban was for not having enough HAVOC members online to attack the CP there was 7 out of 8 so at the time when we all logged on there was about 11 havoc members on that number might not be true as it is just the amount of numbers i had seen on. so i was the one who went up the DMT andi said to Bob Fray "your out numbered 3-1 put your hands up or you will be shot" he did in fact comply with what i asked but what he did not do was hot mic that he was getting robbed and i'm not trying to say that in a bad way just saying it and that was my full reason for getting banned for the rule 4.13 Attacking HAVOC - he HAVOC checkpoint cannot be attacked when there are less than 8 HAVOC members online. What reason was given for your ban? 4.13 Attacking HAVOC - he HAVOC checkpoint cannot be attacked when there are less than 8 HAVOC members online. Why should you be unbanned? i think that i should be unbanned as at the time when we did this i was not thinking straight and to be honest i have been in a few cits to many in support and now that i have been banned if you as me this is my first proper ban i have ever really had i was banned 2 times last year and this was when i first joined the server if you ask me this was the worst time that i have been on this server i got banned for 1 blanket ban and also Fail RP by Connor merlin. now that i had been and have been in cops and HAVOC i would say that i am a changed person at the moment i have been blacklisted for havoc and i have been really trying to change my self for the better and even though now i probs have 0 chance on getting back in i know that this has changed me i want to come back to the server as i have had only 2 bans and i have been here for a long time and have stuck to this community so i think i should be unbanned as if it get unbanned i will not be a risky to the community and i know that i am a good guy all i did was make a mistake and a apologize to havoc for this and to you Zinner. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): N/A
  4. J0sh

    Talk to Mommy

    i said i was going but im not going for ever im always going to be around xD
  5. J0sh

    Alex Gavin Phoenix #1

  6. listen to when you read

    i don't know fully yet what my plans are for me yet but right now i don't feel as if i want to be here as i love to play here but the server is fading and i don't want to see this happen it is not me saying that i'm leaving forever im leaving for a bit and seeing what elses it out there for me as i would say i am also not going alone so for now i would like to say goodbye lads it has been a good one to all the roleplayers that i have met it has been good same to all the combat hungry cunts that i know i love you all to all the same all equal. 

    to my HAVOC mates @CroX@Catnip@Asgard @Fr1ght  @€than @Jackk @Simmo @Lil Swizz @Harley?.sada @Lucas Petit real name is simon i would like to say to you all that you guys have always been there for me and i know that i can come to uses any day of the week and you will always have my back. but this is not really a good bye i will always be there on TS if you need me 😉 

    now for 2 people that when though way to much shit with me and did way to much shit for me @Maximilian Frey thanks mate your one of the best Gen i have ever had and i would like to see if i ever come back to see you higher in the community and to for everyone to give HAVOC the respect that the hole faction deserves. next to a really good old mate that i would say has to be one member in havoc that was there for me and did not really care about what people had to say about me at all he was always there even when i was very annoying thanks to you @TeddyBear

    to my mest up best mates LoTUK @Tom Pea @Labrador @Ryan Wilson @Reece Smurf @Jamesky@Isaac @Harry @HappyHour@Ashley Raven @Blurr@Lewis Jones @Sean @dandy and all the rest that i cant be fucked to @ i will always be there for you lands you all my best mates even if we all do not get along i will always have your backs even if it is to the end i will be there but this is not really a goodbye i will always be there for you mest up cunts

    now to 2 people that i dont know why but i have been mates with 2 people that are so fun and really have been there for me when i first got into CTSFO with Cheetah these 2 have been my mates since then and i am so happy i have met these 2 as there my best mates and even tho i would not get to close to one of them he is still like a brother to me @Sanders goodbye to you have gun on 5M tho mate . i know you have been there for me and have got me into CT and i will never for get that thanks for being my bast mate i have ever met on amra @kyle_

    to my best mate that i know will always have my back for day 1 and someone that i think of as i brother and someone who i have gotten myself in and out of shit with for day 1 the lad that has mad my back for day 1 you are my best mate and i will be there till the end for you lad @Lucanova

    to my other best mates and only gang leaders @Stefan @Moh Lester @Cobra★ you guys were my first good friends even tho your all for other countries brexit does not apply for you lads i love you 3 like my brothers. 

    now the gang i started it all with Sesmic all you fuck up lads that i still talk to you today it as fun getting into shit with you all and omg if we did it again i would be there 100% again i love you guys as well  @Jordan Garcias @attach  @Nick Coca @Magicz @A D A M @Brownyyy

    Now to the last 3 of us @Jamesky @HappyHour @Kr4ken to you 3 no need for a goodbye we know were we are going and will not be alone :) 

    i think this is it now like i said i do not really know what is going on so this could not all be fully used if you get what i mean but all is try eathor way. 

    BTW i know i cant spell fuck off XD


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    2. Lucas Petit

      Lucas Petit

      I hate to see you leave I am truly going to miss you and your stupid soundboards

    3. Ashley Raven

      Ashley Raven

      I'll cya around mate. Didn't get along when we first met but you turned out to be an alright lad. Good luck with whatever you chose to do.

      Still, welcome in the shit talking channel 😉 

    4. Ryan Wilson

      Ryan Wilson

      Remember me via my dank playlist x

  7. J0sh

    Life-Fragz - Ragnar

    god tear
  8. J0sh

    Hello, Liox here

    Hello im the guy who did your APD app xD
  9. J0sh

    Ifrit, Orca, Quilin & insurance

    +1 the shit out of that