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  1. J O S H

    Anonymous | Recruit Status: Open

    https://gyazo.com/e452ea7220c8b3a197beb1cee82cb28e @Penguin wannabe
  2. J O S H

    Oddity | Open

    +1 were already on page 3.
  3. J O S H

    Oddity | Open

    Thanks who knows now the top fragger blackstone will have a challenge now
  4. J O S H

    Oddity | Open

    Welcome you Sesmic RP head lets hope this time around that your R-O-L-E-P-L-A-Y will work. +1 we go way back.
  5. J O S H

    Oddity | Open

    stop with the "sir" that is only for when you or on a rp sesh haha @7 | Zico
  6. J O S H

    Oddity | Open

    +1 this hobo @Sig
  7. J O S H

    Oddity | Open

  8. J O S H

    Oddity | Open

    +1 @Peter
  9. J O S H

    Oddity | Open

    +1 my little bro xDDDDDDDDDD @ the kid still with 7 tags as his form name "2017 gang btw" +11111 @Shacky^
  10. J O S H

    Oddity | Open

    are you for real we are only going to rp what you on about
  11. J O S H

    Oddity | Open

    thanks @Khalid
  12. J O S H

    Oddity | Open

    +1 this kid @My boi lil peep be ded AF
  13. J O S H

    Oddity | Open

    haha jake your my g you dont need to put in app xDD
  14. J O S H

    Oddity | Open

    yes lads back at it again.
  15. Time Submitted: 03:48:41 PM | 04/10/18 Submitted By: J O S H (690) In-Game Name: J O S H Steam / Player ID: 76561198059605783 Date of Event: 04/10/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): http://plays.tv/video/5accdc835f3116cbe2/20mil-despawned- Details of Event: my mate has stopped playing the server so he was going to give me 20m as i only have 6m so he gave me the 20m and the second i get it i get kiked of for no reson and i only wanted the 20m so it is a bit anoying. i think at the time that the server went down i dont really know. My evidence;https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqUwbLiuXbY potato: http://plays.tv/video/5accdc835f3116cbe2/20mil-despawned- Compensation Amount: 13m when i loged on i had 7 on me so i lost 13m Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.

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