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  1. And he then shows a picture of a man that’s more scary than Fing braun strowman, just incase you didn’t know who that man is...
  2. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/just-cause-4/standard-edition
  3. I just noticed that jacob did post this deal earlier so can any staff member delete this post please
  4. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/watch-dogs/home
  5. That moment got me so pissed yet so excited
  6. Can I get someone else to receive them ig, with both of our approvals?
  7. So i bought a beret and an ams via the auction house on the forums, and unfortunately i cant really get ob and do the trade ig, can an admin bust wire the money from my account to the seller’s, i dont wanna rip him off. The seller is @Speedy
  8. Give havoc SUVs and give cops qilins ?
  9. What if we can rent our vehicles to people for money, where we can settle on a specific amount of restarts for a specific amount of money, and if the vehicle gets chopped, they’ll have to pay it’s original value + the rental value + any agreed upon commission, wouldn’t that be good? That would be more realistic that clicking a button, and would actually add a different type of market to the server.
  10. Why dont u stop by a gas station and explain ur 11 counts of robberies again. +1 to price, he’s a good lad
  11. +1 to that, or to adding a rule against base camping
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