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  1. sad to see you go, love you Aiden ❤️ hope you keep in touch
  2. vel

    SI Shop

    Spar-16s gun without Magazines | SI Equipment |
  3. the prices need to be change its stupidly expensive the other vehicles are also out of line
  4. sad to see you go, love you daniel ❤️ hope you keep in touch
  5. bye i am gonna miss u ❤️ thank you
  6. Time Submitted: 06:38:47 PM | 08/18/19 Submitted By: vel (6881) Your In-Game Name: Vel Who are you reporting?: lostcarmine Time/Date of event: 8:50pm kuwait time / 18/08/2019 Rule's Broken: Breaking RP / Combat Log Explain what happened: first video --> we are chasing truck robbing fuel he stopped and get out hide in bush and i initiate on him and restrain him he break RP say we VDMing him and + if you need his name when i restrain him his name in top lostcarmine Second Video ---> he leave the server and he Connect again Evidence (Video/Screenshot): 17555 Video in this case Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Just Ben / 17555
  7. vel


    Welcome to the community, hope you enjoy yourself here. I Am Vel as you an tell and I've been in the NHS ( Medic ) for 7 month . If you need anything or have questions, feel free to ask! I'd be happy to help you ! I'm on the discord my name : Vєℓ#8385 and teamspeak my name : Vel
  8. Thank you Theo ❤️ 😘
  9. see you my friend I am gonna miss you my best friend ❤️ bye
  10. vel

    Vel For Governor

    The Reformation Party The people of Altis have been suffering from bad governors for alot of time, those greedy governors kept destroying and demolishing everything this island stands for, they spread corruption, inequality , and poverty all around the great island of Altis, and that lead to a lot of conflict between the innocent civilians, the rebels, and the APC, and so our party decided to nominate INS Vel as our candidate , and he shall represent us, and our values, through his terms as an HM Governor, below you will find our reforming plan. In order to fix our current situation we will make a plan that that's top priority is the civilians of Altis, not any other factions, and that plan will include the following laws : 1: Paychecks 1.1: Civilians' paychecks will be raised significantly. 1.2: APC's paychecks will be raised slightly 1.3: the NHS' paychecks will be raised slightly. 1.4*: we will propose raising Havoc's paychecks as a Bill to the supreme court, and as a debate to the great citizens of Altis. 2: Taxes 2.1: under no circumstances shall taxes go above 3%, and if they reach 3% that means that the government is in a financial crisis crisis and will probably be reduced in the near future 2.2: Taxes are always negotiable by Civilians and if they have any problems with that they will be free to express their opinions to the governor. 3: Legislation 3.1: Coral runs will be allowed on Saturdays, for scientific use. 3.2.1: weed runs will be legal on Saturdays, for the citizen's welfare, and medical use. 3.2.2: Smoking weed will be always legal, also for the citizen's welfare, and medical use. 3.3: laws/Bills can always be suggested to the governor and he shall do his best to apply them in they are reasonable. 4: Employment To encourage legal jobs and hard working in Altis the Reformation Party will add the following: 4.1: The lawyer of the week: The lawyer with the biggest amount of successfully resolved cases in a week will be awarded with 500,000£ in cash. 4.2: The Taxi Driver of The Week The driver who participate the most in the revival of public transportation in a week will be awarded with 500,000£ in cash. 4.3: The Hero of the week: the Altis Services employee with the biggest number of people helped in a week will be awarded with 500,000£ in cash. 4.4: The Reporter of the week: The most liked news reporter in Altis in a week By a Public Vote will be awarded with 500,000£ in cash. 5: Recreation & Events 5.1.1: The governor shall host Karaoke events and legal go kart races every Saturday, and the winners will be awarded accordingly. 5.1.2 the party will also fund air shows, and drifting contests, and the winners will also be awarded. 5.1.3- the party will fund shooting contests, after the approval of the police board, at the spec unit HQ, to make sure that our civilians are capable of defending themselves in the case of our right being violated by any superior power. 5.1.3 1.4- And finally for the fun of it, the party will host an entertainment contest where the applicants will say the best jokes they have just to make you laugh! 5.2: The Great public of Altis will be granted the Ultimate freedom of speech with him & his guards. 5.3: The Governor will always be available for talking, criticizing and even participating in entertaining events with other civilians, such as Gambling The Reformation Party's first and most important goal is seeking the hapiness and the welfare of the great Public of Altis, and together we will make Altis great again. Vote for us for the sake of a better Altis. For logging your cases as a lawyer/hero/reporter/taxi driver, use the links below 1- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12Pcq9EGGc160TTpPwGOl93xtI6xOuQ74jNucyeYNkGE 2- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CV0xDXTfbNhYCB606zVdM9pxKe4FIZIyQ8bLBay_rWM 3- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/17nees5IK_XWstxx3dL1z3zA1INf0jP09aal7Apiy9ZI 4- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1aE2C6BHTZ2LXuztEPyxgJCuWMiEqrUWiRIGboM55AWg Thank You
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