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  1. Fulton

    Niko #3

    Hi there Niko, Fulton here
  2. https://gyazo.com/6c1288d232fb8482aa0156bc2c5028e3 Turns out all my professions are reset aswell @Zinner
  3. @Cyber Freak 😥 Sad to see you off cyber, be seeing you
  4. @Hunt3r All the evidence and videos i have seen is you going out of your way to upset another community member, verbally abusing the support member and the person reporting you, admitting that your aim was to deliberately provoke a reaction from the person reporting you, lying, and deliberately being difficult. Then you go on to call him a "fucking idiot" in support. Seems like you need to learn an appropriate way to act in support and addressing other members of the community. Since your record has elements of this showing in the past about attitude towards other community members i have made the decision to accept this report on grounds of verbal abuse, trolling and staff disrespect. For the future consider your attitude towards other community members. Player Report Accepted GB issued for multiple rule breaks.
  5. why on earth would u GB someone just because he knocked someone on the head AS A MEDIC and the reporting guy lost 0 stuff out of it besides some ego infront of his god tier roleplay soldiers?

  6. @Hunt3r You will also be able to use this 24 hours to defend yourself and bring forth any evidence that directly proves your innocence or related to this case.
  7. Good evening @Quinn Please allow 24 hours for me to review footage, logs and other forms of evidence that may be related to this case.
  8. Nevertheless it is still RDM which is a rule-break. Furthermore the fact that you stated that you will "Giggle at" a punishment is not very convincing to me that you wont do it again. For that reason a GB will be issued concluding indefinitely until you make an appeal about it. Please learn from your mistakes and even if you interpret it as a joke, other people will still see it as a rule break which unfortunately in this instance is considered a rule-break under server rule terms. Player Report ACCEPTED GB Issued Concluding Indefinitely
  9. @Matt Is there anything you have to say about the situations because evidently you did RDM him. Anything to say to counter these claims?
  10. @Matt Unfortunately that will not be possible. I will deal with this unbiased as i do for every piece of administrative work.
  11. I will be dealing with this player report allow 24 hours for me to review the evidence and come to a conclusive decision.
  12. Declined I see no issue here Locked and moved
  13. Comp Request Accepted Due To Circumstances Of Hacker Comp Will Be Added Upon Server Restart ACCEPTED
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