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  1. Comp request denied, You caused the damage your self so its down to user error. I asked several admins who had the same opinion as me so for that reason it is denied. Locked and Moved
  2. Declined Reason: Already an active ban appeal in progress Please wait for the admin dealing with the appeal to get back to you.
  3. Would i be right in saying YOU caused the damage to the hurron originally to the state where it would eventually explode? @Brooklyn
  4. Player report Accepted for RDM Executing without being involved with the incapacitation of of the person your executing. GB issued Moved & Approved
  5. Is there a video link that works? @Jimmy Reddington
  6. Il ne dealing with this report, the accused has 24 hours to defend himself
  7. After much discussion with other admins, I think that the outcome of this report will be a 5 day ban for discrimination since this is not your first offence. Let this be a lesson and think about your choice of words in the future. Player Report accepted
  8. Player Report accepted GB issued for VDM and trolling locked and moved
  9. I will be dealing with this player report, I will be able to further comment once I’ve reviewed the evidence.
  10. I will be dealing with this player report, the accused has 24 hours to defend himself whilst I review the evidence
  11. The accused has not responded and has been given more than enough time to respond to this report. I can clearly see discrimination and exploiting demonstrated in these videos. I will be issuing a GB for Discrimination and Exploiting Player Report Accepted Locked and Moved
  12. Il be reviewing the evidence and deciding an appropriate punishment
  13. i will be dealing and reviewing the evidence relevant to this case. Accused is already banned, Locked and moved
  14. Even though theirs no Support case, the accused clearly uses discriminatory language in the video therefore im issuing a GB for Racism. Player Report Accepted
  15. @Will'o Boston Did you dispute this person in game?
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