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  1. Update: I have resolved this with Majood and given him £350,000 compensation
  2. We were chasing you for a while and I was told by a higher-up to initiate. When you got out a car I initiated then you got back in and started driving away so I shot you. However if you want I would have no problem giving you compensation as this seems like a bit of a misunderstanding. Also I came TS when you disputed me but you never came. However in retrospect I see that the initiation was a bit slow.
  3. Aron

    Conner WTF

    The pain is real
  4. Y I K E S imagine kidnapping a hobo
  5. Aron

    Stats API

    Thing is I did. And he said he will go over them soon. And that was about 2 months ago
  6. Aron

    Stats API

    A little while ago I made a JSON API to check player statistics after I got tired waiting for an official API key. It's written in NodeJS and uses cheerio to scrape the data from the stats page. The code itself is kinda messy. Here is an example of the output: How to use it: GET /player/:steam64 Returns information about the player in JSON Format Example: https://phx-stats-api-rx9b3bt7imxu.runkit.sh/player/76561198273165095 If you want to play around with the code here is a link to it: Code If you want to test out the API here is a link to the endpoint: Endpoint
  7. Aron


    Welcome to PhoenixRP enjoy your stay
  8. Aron

    PHXV2 Written Q&A

    Based on one of the screenshots you posted: Is there going to be a progression system for things like gathering where the higher your level the faster you gather?
  9. Only in the being prepared stage? Your cell at the HMP is already ready and waiting for you Also I deny all allegations of spying
  10. @[email protected] [email protected] I will never let you hooligans take me alive We may have known each other in the past, but you are nothing but criminal scum who terrorize our citizens and torture our brave officers. Anyway, looking forward to seeing you guys on Phoenix. I am on LOA until the first of September
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