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  1. Only in the being prepared stage? Your cell at the HMP is already ready and waiting for you Also I deny all allegations of spying
  2. @[email protected] [email protected] I will never let you hooligans take me alive We may have known each other in the past, but you are nothing but criminal scum who terrorize our citizens and torture our brave officers. Anyway, looking forward to seeing you guys on Phoenix. I am on LOA until the first of September
  3. "Responsible Citizen" - Voted in the Elections "Gotta Catch 'Em All" - Captured all Cartels on the Map "Fine Tuned" - Customized your vehicle at the tuning shop "Iced Out" - Reached 100 million "Sucking It" - Siphoned gas for the first time " Droppin' " - Went parachuting in Kavala (That sign you can use) "The Collector" - Bought all licenses at the DVLA
  4. Aron

    ID Name

    Make it so the original ID name changes along with the ingame name to prevent this happening: Jones has his ID name as Jones Then he changes his name to Fritz and forges his ID to Jim When Jones gets arrested he says he has no licenses. This makes it impossible to resolve any identity.
  5. Aron

    Rebel hide-out

    Maybe make a level cap so only people under level 10 can do it?
  6. Name: Aron B. Age: 15 Steam ID: 76561198273165095 Hours: License: Rebel, but willing to buy Advanced Rebel if needed
  7. Aron


    @ClemeX next time you are in Kavala and you hear an SUV you know the next flight is about to depart
  8. Aron

    Gone :)

    Goodbye It was really fun to RP with you and thank you for the pressie
  9. -1 You can counter sharking easily if you are patient. It's not exploiting. Also as others have pointed out you can carry an SDAR
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