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  1. Introduction - Luke

    Welcome, you will enjoy it here!
  2. Player Report - Aayaayron, Kelby - 10/10/17

    no cops nor rebels would be able to get there, I'd previously taken your radios etc off of you before we'd even entered the vehicle.
  3. Player Report - Aayaayron, Kelby - 10/10/17

    I don't have any recording software
  4. Player Report - Aayaayron, Kelby - 10/10/17

    I'd created that situation because me and my friend were going to go afk for a bit soon and I needed to get the situation over with if needed i will refund him
  5. 5 Tempest Device Giveaway

    George 76561198389889674
  6. Hemtt Box

    yes please
  7. GoFundMe for Harry

    i'd love to

    i want 200 million.
  9. my aim

    dank memes
  10. Bring Back Karts

    +1 should be there because people buy the dlc hehe
  11. my math is terrible i will clearly fail my gcse math it is 2.4mil
  12. we had lost an ifrit and stevie had lost expensive items including weapons and clothing he had lost 500k and i'd lost around 400k worth of gear which i usually spend on gear we dont remember exactly what it was we lost we just know the prices as its been a couple days.
  13. Best Meme

  14. Looking for huron and/or crate !

    ha i managed to get them in the wrong order
  15. Ban Appeal - George XD - 06/14/17

    Also i don't think you'd want someone who maliciously gains peoples ip's but i have changed and i won't ever do it again.

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