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  1. This made me log into the forums, nice
  2. ok this is my favourite song to listen to when i am walking back from the comic store enjoy 😎 @Blitzlikes this tunetoo right blit
  3. woah i am offended some random weeb call me idiot thats it see you on the forums
  4. this is actually a crease gn mate have an early one xox
  5. arguing alot for just a game lmao
  6. Belgium smells.
  7. I’m leaving Phoenix and PC Gaming as a whole. People within the community, specifically in gang life and factions, that ArmA is very insignificant within your life. Some of you, need to be less toxic. I know you’re all having fun, but be nice for fucks sake... Nevertheless, it was fun whilst it lasted. I’ve made a lot of mates here and I’m grateful. I’ll be spending my summer elsewhere, with travel and festivals lined up. As @Sanjib Punjabi would say, “Lads Lads Lads”...God, what a man you are... Honourable Mentions: @Blitz Top Fragger and TFU Wannabe, all jokes aside you are my best mate on the internet and you never failed to make me die of laughter... @James Johnson Again a funny dude. Made me welcome as chief yet put the perfect amount of pressure on me so I didn’t fuck up. Inabit mate, you’re a great dude. @tyler.b Office was always open to talk, helped me get through shit, and a bit of a machine. @GenuineHero My Favourite Irishman. despite some tension from a prior community, never failed to make me laugh. (Big shout out to MBS Jakky and Price Etc.) @vel Possibly the hardest to leave behind is my best buddy Vel. You will become a great SI and will do good things mate! @Duderz The next big man in the Power Line industry. Lived scarily near to me. I need to run. @Frank Castle Taught me about Scumdee. Now am a Scottish expert because of you. Great mate, even though exile is shit. @Finchuk “The Grandfather.” Was always right. Was great to be your mate and deputy. @nnoremaC I know you didn’t like TST but you were jokes. Inabit. Anyway boys, have a good one, don’t get hurt. Matt Jones ”Fucking Moron”.
  8. More lowkey shit, like camos and stuff without a brand on it.
  9. Ifrit Skins: Yes Adidas and Nike skins: No You seem to be a good skinner though, so I’m sure you could make some ones that fit in more as I don’t think these do
  10. Look forward to staffing a crack team for the governor. I will be working with Jack to plan secure rally’s and events in major cities and beyond. +1
  11. MattPC


    Give us better gear and I'll go for it.
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