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  1. MattPC

    "Flight Number 718 is now departing"

    other games... such as ARK, R6, Civ IV, and some other games...
  2. MattPC

    Juice WRLD - Robbery

  3. MattPC

    "Flight Number 718 is now departing"

    Leaving Arma. PM Me if you want to play other games
  4. I'm leaving; due to a number of people on the server in conjunction with boredom I wasn't that known in the community, but it still was a hefty part of my life, until now. Thanks particularly to: @Simmo Sparrow : My best mate on the server. @Dimmy : A great mentor in the APC. The list could go on, (Looking at you; @mark8k8k8) but I don't wanna bore anyone. See ya.
  5. Time Submitted: 08:47:12 PM | 01/17/19 Submitted By: MattPC (6766) In-Game Name: PC Matt Jones Steam / Player ID: 76561198339058645 Date of Event: 01/17/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): Sadly, None. Details of Event: Essentially, I went on patrol, encountered some Havoc with the rest of APC and was incapacitated. To follow, I was taken into a SUV with Simmo Sparrow. We drove around and our vehicle exploded. This killed me, I go to the bank and bam. I have only 100k, when I had 2,000,000. Compensation Amount: 2,000,000 Pounds. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  6. MattPC

    [APC] M. Pearce

    Haha, Glad to see good responses. He's taught me a lot.
  7. MattPC

    [APC] M. Pearce

    I’d like to reccomend Mark Pearce. He is friendly, supportive and an all around awesome member of the community. Thank you, Mark!