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  1. can't keep track on you lot, one minute it's sins, then divinity, then pog, then paw, then vulcan, then axninity? fuck just choose a name stg
  2. Matt Obama

    Taser Execution

    You can execute folk with the taser. Evidence: https://plays.tv/video/5daca54f643a259b8d/nice- Have a good day and
  3. Happy 10 O'Clock on a Saturday Everyone!

    1. Calum


      Thanks very much!

  4. Matt Obama

    Nick Coca

    hope you meant to tag me not the american matt
  5. This calls for celebration.

  6. Time Submitted: 10:22:49 AM | 10/13/19 Submitted By: MattPC (6766) In-Game Name: Marroon Five Steam / Player ID: 76561198339058645 Date of Event: 10/13/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): Sadly I have none. Details of Event: I was going to do a meth run but needed to purchase a HEMMTT Box from the Pygros truck shop. I withdrew 1,000,000 and flew to the shop. I damaged the helicopter and was incapaciated, but bled out? This meant I had just lost a 1,000,000 cash and Katiba gearset. Compensation Amount: 1,000,000: Price of the Truck. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  7. @Calum thanks for the cake! can i put my hands down to take a slice?
  8. you really out here with 6 as your forum number damn

  9. Denied, re apply when you get to know the boys abit more
  10. Please place both your right and left hand firmly behind your head. Failure to comply will result in a smack. 

    1. Calum


      @MattPCMy hands were up and you smacked me anyway? 😔🤚

  11. @Rasta Jetski pls remove urself from my gang post ty
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