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  1. Hands up or die

    1. Mystic


      @Matt Obama I'm going to need you to drop the weapon or I will have to use lethal force. 

    2. Paddy McCarthy


      @Matt Obama invalid initiation, comp or ban

  2. I just showed my wife how I won medals down in flanders' !


  3. s bullet was a top g in the nhs and had that avatar of a cartoon of a joker like figure and a girl was a solid dude though, did kinda just vanish tho @S bullet
  4. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  5. I just showed my wife how I won medals down in flanders' !


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    2. F L E M I N G O

      F L E M I N G O

      The EU is an unsustainable economic union which will eventually collapse, thank goodness. 

    3. Lakko


      the EU is nothing but a bad joke tbh

    4. Quinn


      hahahahaha get run out of our country fucking pussies wont be the last time youll get bombed cunts

  6. wb!!
    @Blitz hide ur girl. he is back

    1. Blitz


      Whats up with that ?

  7. i like the cool keys on the screen, cannot say the same for the montage though
  8. this was pretty good x
  9. 5,56 Legalisation Policy Clarification: Rebels are usually carrying at least this Calibre of weapon, if a civilian must defend himself a .45 is not sufficient. This is why it will be legalised.
  10. it is so people can kill gremlins like you
  11. you win for 3,000,000 please contact me on discord Matttttttt#0001
  12. Imagine having faith in this governor. Might as well place your ballot paper into the garbage! Vote BNF if YOU WANT PROGRESS!
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