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  1. Opening a PULSAR: Lost Colony Star Fleet Crew, if anyone is interested please PM me. Ranks will be transferable to the Johnson's Firm, after a specified time of Service.
  2. This could add a little bit more fun to RP. "I have your Prime Minister Kidnapped, place 500,000 in a vehicle at grid reference <XXX.XXX>, by 12 O'Clock today, or he dies". Or could have some more fun with drug-dealing, potentially. Drug/Money drops etc
  3. Sounds like someone needs a Lawyer skilled at Negotiation? *Cough, Johnsons Family Attorneys Limited Cough*
  4. It means you can go back to the same place, I don't think it means situation. Most situations would be over before the 15 minutes anyway, but I'm not sure. My general understanding of NLR on a variety of servers, is that you can goto the same place and if the situation is still happening, it's almost as if you've "returned from a day out to find this..." sorta thing. I know it's a dumb example, but on DarkRP for example, you'd have to wait (typically 3 minutes) to return to a point of death. Say it's a base, if it's still being raided, you have that opportunity to end it as if you had just "come back" from being out. If that makes sense.
  5. How does it contradict itself?
  6. Yeh but some people like it to transfer MVPs/Drugs etc. Adds more to the RP. I wouldn't wanna do too much day-time stuff. But I get your point
  7. I think this would be a good idea, but I think it should be 6hrs light, 6hrs dark etc instead, so there would be two day/night cycles. Cause, if you want to do something under the cover of darkness, you'd have to wait until it's actually dark. Idk about that yaknow.
  8. I take the train like every day to Uni, always listen to music. If it's a short journey, then I tend not to be arsed, but I may as I leave the house
  9. Due to this confession being undertaken via duress and under oppression any and all evidence of this is inadmissible in a court of law, and should not be relied upon for legality. The man in the video was clearly being threatened to give the 'correct' answers. Not the truth!
  10. Anyone recording these? 😧
  11. Hola. So my suggestion comes from finding out those with an Altis News License have the ability to spawn at the Kavala Altis News building. My suggestion is to implement a similar thing but for the lawyers of Altis. Especially for my gang/business, which will be lawyer-orientated. Screenshot shows the News Agency being an option to spawn to.
  12. How many hours on Arma before I'm you-good??
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