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  1. Mr_Lightnin'

    YouTube Account Water mark/logo

    I love shooting, and although they're relaxed they won't be soon 😧 I'M ON THE LOGO THOUGH!
  2. Mr_Lightnin'

    Compensation Request - Steven Johnson - 01/14/19 (Altis Life)

    I've just had a look at when I used GeForce to instant-capture and it was around 10:56:03 (or at least that's when the file was created). I made this request a few hours later cause I needed to get my weapons again 😧 Here; https://gyazo.com/c93be955af5dcb553514103dc7f0e34b Update: People did respawn/reconnect at the same time I did - But I don't think I have any evidence of this. And I just realized you could hear my music in the clip, lmfao whoops.
  3. Time Submitted: 05:44:55 PM | 01/14/19 Submitted By: Mr_Lightnin' (6750) In-Game Name: Steven Johnson Steam / Player ID: STEAM_0:0:53886070 Date of Event: 01/14/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://youtu.be/CPwsKrjrpMU Details of Event: I believe it was a server crash? I had my 250K weapon in my car at the time, so if I got pulled over it wasn't visible - Yet I lost it :/ Compensation Amount: It was around 250 thousand for the gun and the attachments and ammo, so I'm asking for 250K. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  4. We're looking for business! Need a lawyer? Hit us up via the site, or text Bob/Steven Johnson via mobile in-game!
  5. Mr_Lightnin'

    Allow players to buy buildings for businesses etc.

    Agree with white listing lawyers, realistically people would have gone to law school *cough* me *cough*
  6. Mr_Lightnin'

    Altis logistics Air bug

    I guess I could take them all off your hands, just put 'em in my garage and I'll take care of 'em. Fix 'em up. etc etc 😉
  7. Mr_Lightnin'

    Robbable Destroyer

    *military destroyer gets robbed by guy with 9mm pistol* ?? Just throwing that out there?
  8. Mr_Lightnin'


    Johnsons attorneys need it’s own offics, no to share with other scum lawyere
  9. Mr_Lightnin'


    That sounds cool
  10. Mr_Lightnin'

    Advice on buying a home/gang base.

    Ahh, I see
  11. Mr_Lightnin'

    Altis Life - Development Feedback

    Take it from a guy who used to run an i3 and was still able to get some play (not necessarily on Arma but other games). People have it worse off, maybe not Arma players cause the game demands more, but anything above 30 is playable. Irritating if you get like 200 on other games ofc, but I used to be able to play on whatever because I was pretty chill. I’m on an i7 1060 now so I’m fine, but the point was, 40fps is playable. There’s probably quite a few people playing around 25/30 so.
  12. Mr_Lightnin'

    Advice on buying a home/gang base.

    And I’m right in thinking people are able to rob them? How difficult is it to do that? Any protection you’re able to supply?
  13. Mr_Lightnin'

    Advice on buying a home/gang base.

    what are you able to put inside houses?
  14. Hi ya'll, I'm unfamiliar with the way house-buying happens and what houses we're able to get? Even then, what about gang-bases. Could someone dumb it down for me, rather than me having to trial and error for the next two weeks 😧 I'd appreciate some guides/guidelines. Thanks
  15. The Johnson's is looking for new recruits. Think you're man enough? Got the skill and the courage to become a security detail? Or potentially a suitable attorney to deal with major crimes? Apply via the website's documentation page! 9th January 2019