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  1. Frato

    BSB massive yikes

    Yet you guys stayed and roached whats your point?
  2. Frato

    BSB massive yikes

    Nope, gg to you thank you for pushing, the rest of your gang should learn how to do that also. You always say we're mad cause we get killed but my loadout was like 50k why would I be mad?
  3. Frato

    BSB massive yikes

    https://youtu.be/LQ_kY0V_hSo Okay so these kids get 2 benchs, roachs on both hills and crash and die 😂 In the second clip there is a guy in a ghile roaching by the rocks, they all use 100 round or 200 round guns only 😂 (took 15 mins for them to push 1 guy)
  4. Frato


    IGN: Frato Age: 16 Previous Gangs: Ambition on oly and TRU on reborn Steam ID: 76561198329519784 how many hours in Arma: 1366
  5. +1 banks at domes are more fun
  6. Time Submitted: 01:08:06 AM | 01/24/19 Submitted By: Frato (6738) Your In-Game Name: skrt skrt Who are you reporting?: nijr manager Time/Date of event: 6 est Rule's Broken: RDM Explain what happened: So I was driving by agios, and I saw 2 rebels. I drive away and they shoot at me without iniation. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/7vElUSd3v_s Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: I would be more than happy to talk to a support/staff member but none are on at the time that I play. Im american and can only get on at this time EDIT: Talked to Jakob Boyden <19:35:23> "[Cpl.] Frato": you there? <19:35:53> "[CI] Jakob Boyden": ish <19:35:59> "[CI] Jakob Boyden": waddup <19:36:01> "[Cpl.] Frato": https://youtu.be/7vElUSd3v_s <19:36:03> "[Cpl.] Frato": is this rdm? <19:36:34> "[CI] Jakob Boyden": uhh- i'm support mate cant rly give a verdicct <19:36:51> "[Cpl.] Frato": can you attemt to give me a verdict? <19:36:56> "[Cpl.] Frato": attempt* <19:37:05> "[Cpl.] Frato": no admins are relpying <19:40:28> "[CI] Jakob Boyden": Mkay so it looks like you drove into a firefight which means it might not be rdm <19:40:44> "[Cpl.] Frato": there were no shots though <19:41:11> "[CI] Jakob Boyden": howevr since you werent initiatted they would need to comp for lost gear <19:41:18> "[Cpl.] Frato": THANK YOU <19:41:36> "[CI] Jakob Boyden": Yeah but the cop car and stuff withh it bein wrecked <19:41:46> "[CI] Jakob Boyden": think there was just a fight <19:41:59> "[CI] Jakob Boyden": thats my personaal opinion dude <19:42:02> "[Cpl.] Frato": true true <19:42:05> "[Cpl.] Frato": will include in report <19:42:06> "[Cpl.] Frato": ty <19:42:21> "[CI] Jakob Boyden": not my directive as a aupport member
  7. Nice job snatching the real teams logo and name
  8. After you transfer money to someone, it resets to a random person. Make it so after you transfer it the player who you are going to send the money to not change
  9. It would cost me as I would be one of the people getting revived, but it's all just an opinion.
  10. I was a medic on that server with the same reviving system before it was implemented and after. Activity didn't change, everything went slower and it took a lot more effort to teach people how to revive. In HR we had to teach medics how to do this and it went on for like 20 mins. The point is it's useless. Think about it from the "frag hungry people", it would just waste their time. Medics can have amazing rp without this. It most definitely does not create a more enjoyable time reviving. It would only slow it down for the first 20 days or so, as people would be fast enough to revive and leave. There are also a massive possibility of bugs with this. When it was first implemented we couldn't talk while it was open. It doesn't boost activity, enjoyment. It depends on the medic if it will boost rp, some might just say the normal "i'm going to fix your xyz" and be done. Others might take a year to explain every last injury to the point where it becomes boring for the person getting revived.
  11. Frato


    -1 Think about it from a cops pov, if there was a court it would waste so much time when they could be patrolling and having fun. I got nothing wrong with the lawyer part though.
  12. Frato

    Iniation Rule

    +1 if someone with a gun tells you to put your hands up it's very clear what they will do if you don't.
  13. -1 I have used this system before on that server, it makes it so much harder to train people and it's a waste of time. There is normally only like 2 medics on and if they have to do this it would make less people get revived.
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