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  1. Orion Miller

    The Outisders ODS

  2. Orion Miller

    The Outisders ODS

    The Outsiders [ODS] We 16 active members now as merged would like to get this uniform being made boys . We are The Outsiders. WE are going to be open to mature active people. We dont want to intimidate people with our numbers when we start playing. If you need help tell us. If you want to join us message me or my 4 other staff leads. If you want to merge with us tell us! 16 members and growing If you want to apply copy this and comment below! Why do you want to join The Outsiders [ODS]? (50 words) How many hours on arma? How active are you? Age? Experience on PhoenixRP (25 Words)
  3. Orion Miller

    Huge shoutout to the work you guys do.

    What has my post turnt in to 😂😂
  4. Orion Miller

    Huge shoutout to the work you guys do.

    @Greasy I mean you are however we haven’t spooked in ages ma dude much love thou
  5. Orion Miller

    Huge shoutout to the work you guys do.

    However I said I aimed it at the tags so if people wanna praise others they can make a new post.
  6. Orion Miller

    Ban Appeal - ODS | Uranium Dogs - 02/25/19 - Altis Life

    Personally I think it was more harsh than it should have been I would have liked to have a word with death spawn before just banning me instead of just saying “you are being permanently banned bye “ in middle of a rp situation
  7. Orion Miller

    Huge shoutout to the work you guys do.

    Like I said this isn’t a post to all staff no hard feelings aimed it’s my friends in the staff team not everyone. Feel free to make your own post regarding everyone mate. No need to comment about others that aren’t posted.
  8. Orion Miller

    Ban Appeal - ODS | Uranium Dogs - 02/25/19 - Altis Life

    Done buddy sorry I wrote this straight after my ban before speaking with Connor and Zyn I then gathered all the stuff I did wrong.
  9. Orion Miller

    Need one of these ah

    Also the Boeing mods are great flew a couple of them yesterday I think we should get a modded Phoenix going 🤷‍♂️ Keep the population going as it’s all good at the moment. A new modded map...
  10. Orion Miller

    Huge shoutout to the work you guys do.

    I shouted out the people that I personally get along with and the ones that I speak to personally I don’t like death spawn. As mentioned. No hard feelings honest opinion.
  11. Orion Miller

    Need one of these ah

    Explain how im spamming mate its a photo of a cool as plane. Ive posted 3 things mate..
  12. Orion Miller

    Need one of these ah

    Would love to see this in phoenix lmao
  13. KEEP IT UP! @Zyn @Daniel Woodland @Conner Merlin @FoxHound @Alexander Cant appreciate these guys more for supporting me here. Hope i can turn this reputation around and join you guys in staff im not aiming for admin, just for my green support tag ahah.
  14. Time Submitted: 08:05:13 PM | 02/25/19 Submitted By: Kipperturb (6699) In-Game Name: ODS | Uranium Dogs Steam / Player ID: 76561198862782439 Administrator who issued ban: Death Spawn Date of ban: 02/25/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: There was no rule break in my eyes. What reason was given for your ban? Mic spamming, restrains and swearing. Why should you be unbanned? For starters i should have never been arrested as a hostage. i was left in pd in cuffs then 8 cops surrounded me laughing so i screamed rape for role play reason as it was in a corner then i go perm banned ? like urm? Theres no rule break there personally i think death spawn has a problem with me and i really dont like him therefore if thats how that rule works then i dont know where to start... They then let me go so as i was leaving i said lalallala on my way out i was then tazed for no reason and taken to jail en route to there death spawn was breaking rp in the car and put his admin suit on in front everyone ans say im being toxic and im recieving a perm ban... Like if i was a problem tp me away somewhere to deal with this.... Therefore i wasn't being toxic all i said to someone was "when im free from jail im going to kill you sir" thats all RP standards therefore im super angry about this ban and personally feel bullied here and considering with taking this to a quit from this server as im always doing something wrong here i am so upset as this was my fav server if i get unbanned soon then ill stay or as i dont think its worth it anymore as im always being picked on by death spawn i honestly detest the guy in my full opinion he always likes sticking his nose in everything. This isn't dis respect its my full opinion i even had other people drop opinions and they said this wasn't a rule break at all. About 10/12 people have said this isnt a ban from all my mates in PD So im really confused regarding this. Regarding the “ restarain glitch” I never knew hopping out a car while driving with restrains was a bug as many people do it in real life... As I spoke with Connor merlin after I realised it was a rule break so knew better for next time. There comes the toxic part as I was telling rape to the 9 cops surrounding me in a car Nathan Frey went in support clothing and told me to stop mic spamming I didn’t know what he meant so I said “I’m not fuck off” as he kinda interurppted a rp situation why wasn’t there a note in direct ? “// can you stop please “ would have been better in my opinion. thats the rules I broke I believe the restrains, mic yelling and the f**** off part. however I don’t feel as if this deserved a game ban I think it could have been resolved and understood I feel as if death got happy with his power here. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):